Questions you should ask Before Moving Into a New Neighborhood

5 Questions to Ask Before Moving Into a New Neighborhood

Moving to a new location and neighborhood provides plenty of exciting opportunities for new renters and homeowners. However, there are many different things to consider before investing in a new place. One of these is ensuring that you know all there needs to know about the location to which you are considering moving to. Therefore, we have provided a few questions that you should ask before moving into a new neighborhood. Keep reading to find out!

1. How Safe is the Neighborhood and Surrounding Area?

How Safe is the Neighborhood and Surrounding Area?
At the top of our list is if the neighborhood and surrounding Area are considered safe and peaceful places to live. Let’s face it; no one wants to live in a community that is considered dangerous and or has an elevated crime rate. However, it can be challenging to determine at first glance. That is why it is always best to do a thorough investigation of the crime rate online as well as speak with people that currently live in the neighborhood to get their perspective.

Without researching the Area you are considering living in and just going off on what you see, you may end up living in a place that poses many risks to the safety of your property, yourself, and your family. While many factors go into the decision to move and buy a home in a new neighborhood, making sure the neighborhood is a good fit should be one of your main priorities. Take the time to do some research; we guarantee it will pay off!
Here are statistics of various crimes in cities and suburbs in the state of Illinois

2. Does the Neighborhood have a Homeowners Association?

For many searching for a new home, whether or not a neighborhood has a Homeowner Association (HOA) may impact your decision on buying a home. HOAs can be extremely beneficial for some homeowners; however, others sometimes find their regulations are a bit too much. The main goals of an HOA are based on protecting home values by implementing certain regulations for residences that protect both security and the appearance of the neighborhood. Some perks of an HOA can include the following:

  • Parks
  • Community pool
  • Walking Trails
  • Community centers
  • Among others

While there are various perks to being in a community with an HOA, they can sometimes be costly and restrict what you can and cannot do with your home. Therefore, ensure you read the bylaws and current rules of the organization before purchasing a new home.

3. How Many Home Break-Ins Occur Throughout The Year

How Many Home Break-Ins Occur Throughout The Year
As we mentioned above, it is essential to consider how safe a neighborhood is. In addition to other crimes, home break-ins are currently on the rise throughout the United States. Therefore you need to be aware of the number of home break-ins, if any, that are happening throughout the year where you are considering living. This is essential not only for the safety of your home but also considering the amount of money you may need to invest in new security systems alongside replacing any stolen items from these unwanted break-ins.

4. Are There an Abundance of Rent or Foreclosure Signs

When visiting the neighborhood you are considering, ensure that you take a small tour to see if there is a surplus of foreclosure or rental signs. While a few here and there aren’t always considered a bad thing, a neighborhood full of them is a serious red flag. It can mean a lot of things, including a fall in real estate prices which leads to a fall in property taxes which in turn affects the quality of safety and public services.

Additionally, it is an excellent idea to ensure that the neighborhood has more residences occupied by homeowners rather than rental homes. Homeowners tend to take care of their property and the home’s appearance/security as opposed to renters. A neighborhood filled with well-cared-for homes has a positive impact on not only the community but anyone visiting or viewing the Area.

5. Are there Good Schools in the Area

Whether you currently have children now or are planning to have them in the future, it can be helpful to look at whether or not there are good schools in your chosen Area that are situated close to the home you are considering purchasing. While you want your children to receive the best education possible, you also want them to feel completely safe where they are studying. It’s an added bonus if your home and the school are situated close together and in a good area, allowing you to feel completely comfortable with your children walking or riding their bikes to school on their own or with friends!

Enhancing the Security and Safety of Your New Home

No matter how safe a neighborhood looks in person and on paper, homeowners should always be prepared for the worse. Therefore, we highly recommend picking out and installing an expert home security alarm system. Goldy Locks – Alarm One provides an array of advanced security solutions for homeowners in the Chicagoland area that protect the property and allow everyone inside to feel safe at all times. Contact Goldy Locks – Alarm One to find out more.

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