Benefits of Adding Smart Locks to Your Hotel or Airbnb

The Benefits of Adding Smart Locks to Your Hotel or Airbnb

If you are the proud owner or operate a hotel or Airbnb, you know how important it is to provide your guests with a safe and secure environment. One way to enhance the security of your property is by adding smart locks to your doors. Smart locks are electronic locks that can be controlled and monitored remotely using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of adding smart locks to your hotel or Airbnb.

Enhanced Security for Your Guests

Smart locks provide a higher level of security compared to traditional locks. With smart locks, you can stay ahead of everything to monitor who enters and leaves your property in real-time. This means you can see if someone has entered a room they shouldn’t have, if guests have checked out or fled their room and left the door unlocked, or if there was an unauthorized entry or break-in. Smart locks can also be specifically programmed only to allow those supposed to enter the property.

Additionally, it’s no secret that people forget to lock their doors when they leave. As an Airbnb or hotel owner, this can be a severe issue as not only the items guests have put at risk but also all of your property is in danger of vandalism and theft. With smart locks, you can always ensure that the doors are locked from your smart device, quickly locking and unlocking your property no matter where you are.

Convenience for Guests

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Smart locks provide additional convenience for guests by eliminating the need for traditional keys. Instead, guests can access their room or Airbnb using a personalized coder, which they can create themselves or receive from the hotel or host. This eliminates the risk of lost keys or having to carry around multiple keys for various areas of the property.


They can be a cost-effective solution for hotels and Airbnb, especially when compared to the costs associated with traditional locks and keys. With smart locks, you don’t have to worry about the cost of rekeying every time a guest loses a key or forgets to return it. Additionally, smart locks are durable and require minimal maintenance.

Increased Efficiency and Enhanced Guest Experience

Increased Efficiency and Enhanced Guest Experience_Goldy Locks Inc

Smart locks provide increased efficiency for hotel and Airbnb staff. With traditional locks, staff members may have to physically check each room to ensure it is locked and secure. With smart locks, staff members can monitor the status of each room remotely, saving time and increasing productivity. In addition, adding smart locks to your hotel or Airbnb can enhance the overall guest experience. Guests will appreciate the convenience of not having to carry around keys, and the added security will give them peace of mind during their stay.

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Additional Smart and Security Products and Systems You Can Add To Your Property

Now that you know about the main benefits of smart locks, it’s time to look at other smart and security products and systems that can significantly enhance your property. Here are some of the main products guaranteed to enhance efficiency and security for future Airbnb or hotel guests.

1. SMART Doorbells

Something as simple as opening the door to a stranger can put your guests staying at your Airbnb at significant risk of intrusion. Allowing them to know who exactly is at the door will give them peace of mind they are always protected. In addition to seeing who is there, they can communicate with the person on the other side. They also provide ease to Airbnb property owners in that they work with your smart locks, so you can see when your renters have arrived at your property and easily let them in.

2. Security Cameras

Knowing your property is protected at all times, whether you are inside of the property or away, is essential, and it also is for your guests. Having top-of-the-line, HD security cameras ensure that everything is recorded and constantly monitored, allowing your guests to sleep soundly at night, knowing they are always covered if anything happens.

3. Detection Systems

Many things can go wrong throughout the day, and your property is susceptible to a number of both environmental threats and physical threats, such as vandalism, intrusions, and robberies. Smart detection systems will allow alerting you and your guests of any suspicious activity the moment that it happens.

4. Fully Connected Smart Security Systems

Finally, one of the top benefits of automated security systems is that they can be fully connected to each other and easily accessed on any one of your smart devices. Not only will this enhance security, knowing everything going on inside and outside your property, but it will also give you access to other smart devices, such as your thermostat and other voice-commanded smart devices made by companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon, among others.

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