Serving Bridgeview Illinois

Goldy Locks has been serving Bridgeview and the Chicagoland area since 1981. Our locally-owned locksmith and home security business is dedicated to providing customized and cutting-edge solutions, including alarms and Honeywell home automation systems. If you live in Bridgeview and are worried about burglary in your home, it may be time to invest in alarms & security that can keep your family and your belongings safe. We offer complimentary home consultations to help you identify security risks and build your perfect home security system from the ground up.

Home Alarms and Monitoring

Home alarm systems have come a long way from a burglar alarm that only triggers when a window or door is opened. Goldy Locks offers a wide variety of home alarm solutions, including glass break sensors, infrared motion detectors, smoke and fire alarms, and vibrational sensors. Each alarm is monitored around the clock via wireless cell signal at a local facility for immediate assistance in an emergency.

Goldy Locks Your Full Security Solution

Security Cameras

Security cameras can improve home security in two ways. First, security cameras continually monitor your home and record footage, allowing you to identify intruders and other threats. Second, visible security cameras can act as an effective deterrent, causing thieves and vandals to pass by your home. Installing security cameras is a great way to complement any burglar alarm or home monitoring system.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry systems put an end to the possibility of forgetting to lock your door and handing out keys to friends and family members. You can program your keyless entry system to lock automatically whenever you leave. Supplying each family member or friend with an independent code allows you to easily and accurately track access to your home—you can even opt to receive alerts when codes are used so you’ll know when your family leaves or arrives home each day.

Home Automation

Complete home automation is an ideal solution that can improve comfort, reduce energy costs, and ensure safety. Goldy Locks can help you select and install the right Honeywell home automation solution in Bridgeview, allowing you to control your lighting, HVAC system, locks, cameras, and home alarm system from anywhere, regardless of whether you are on your property or away. Our home automation solutions offer complete convenience and total home protection based on your needs for a modern and efficient home.