Chicago Ridge Alarms & Security Systems


Servicing the Chicago Ridge Illinois Area

Protecting your home in Chicago Ridge is simple and convenient with a top-quality home security system from Alarm-One / Goldy Locks, Inc.. Our residential security experts offer everything from simple burglar alarms to total home security through home automation and monitoring, so you can choose exactly the features that matter most to you. Not only is a visible and easy-to-use home alarm system a great asset during an emergency, it will also help to deter theft and vandalism from your property before it can ever occur.

Home Monitoring: On and Off-Site

Your comprehensive home alarm system includes options to monitor your home from the inside, as well as off-site security monitoring. The features you choose to install, such as glass break sensors, motion detectors, security cameras, keyless entry options, and fire and smoke alarms, are integrated into your home network to protect your property and your family more effectively.

  • Home security cameras can function as part of your home automation system, allowing you to check on any room in your home. This is a great feature if you have children or pets, or if you’re concerned about certain areas such as basements or garages while you are away.
  • Local home monitoring services keep an eye on your home around the clock, regardless of whether you are present or out of the house. Your Chicago Ridge security service will take note of any tripped alarm or sensor immediately, notifying local law enforcement or fire services to address an emergency quickly.

The Basics of Home Automation

Goldy Locks and Alarm-One offers Honeywell home automation systems as part of our comprehensive home alarm and security solutions in Chicago Ridge. Our home automation solutions can help you not only enjoy greater security and convenience, but monthly energy savings as well.

Home automation allows you to wirelessly control every aspect of your home and your alarm system from any location, whether you are present at home, out at work or running errands, or even halfway across the globe on vacation. Using home automation, you can adjust your lighting and thermostat using any mobile device, as well as monitor your security system, arm or disarm areas to allow friends or family access, and remotely check access logs based on your keyless entry system.