Chicago Touchless Door Entry Solutions

Commercial Solutions To Avoid Using Hands To Open and Close Doors

If you are in the Chicago area, Goldy Locks can help your building or facility with touchless door entry.

Having these solutions will help avoid the spreading of virus and bacteria.

  • – Hands-free electronic door opening
  • – Physical hands free door opening solutions
  • – Low touch door entry solutions

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Providing new and innovative ways to make our customers experience more comfortable and safer is something that we strive for everyday here at Goldy Locks. We are committed to providing unique services and products to each of our clients, and for that, we are introducing touchless door entry. Touchless door entry is currently on the rise for all types of business; it’s numerous benefits provide a safer and cleaner environment.

Touchless door entry is a product that eliminates the use of manually opening doors with your hands; this can decrease the spread of bacteria in both general and medical environments. As we know, everyone uses doors to access other rooms, by reducing the use of many hands touching one specific area, we can stop the spread of harmful bacteria and promote the health and safety of everyone who enters the building and rooms situated inside.

What is Touchless Entry?

Touchless entry offers a way of opening and closing entryways without the use of the hands. This can provide an automated solution for a number of different facilities that experience a high amount of traffic, facilities like hospitals, schools, public bathrooms, and offices, among others. The touchless entry provides a way to promote the well-being of everyone who enters a building, which in turn protects those already inside. Touchless door entry can be installed on new or pre-existing doors and offers many benefits:

● Easy to use
● Automatic door opener
● Weather-resistant
● Designed for high traffic

Goldy Locks Touchless Door Entry Solutions in Chicago

Wave – True No Touch Activation

There are plenty of benefits that support the use of touchless door entry, but it does go beyond the decrease in the spread of germs and bacteria. Not having to use anything but a wave boasts many advantages. Wave motion sensors allow the entry into buildings and rooms easier and faster while eliminating any problems you may have with keys and fobs. The sensors used for wave activation support a high range of detection and can withstand various high traffic and weather conditions.

Physical Hands-Free Door Opening

Depending on your preferences, we do have other ways that don’t include technology but offer the same hands-free solutions.

Arm Pulls

Arm pull touchless entry options provide a handle like attachment that is designed for the use of forearms to open the doors. Arm pulls are manufactured with strong materials to make sure that upon using the pull, there is no extra strain on the arm while reducing the risk of contracting any dangerous bacteria or virus that you may get with the use of your hands.

Foot Pulls

A foot pull touchless entry offers the same effect, just with your foot. One of the better advantages of a foot pull is that almost always, your feet are covered, whether it be with a sock or a shoe. All you have to do is walk up to the door, comfortably place your foot into the pull, and open.

Why You Should Choose Touchless Entry In Your
Commercial Building

Reliable Technology

The touchless entry option uses the best technology that is offered. The touchless entry microwave motion sensors manipulate the
Doppler effect that allows bouncing a microwave signal to the person operating the wave sensor and allowing the sensor to read the
action, thus resulting in the opening and closing of entryways.

FCC Certified

All touchless entry systems from Goldy Locks are certified from the Federal Communications Commission. This solidifies our guarantee
to provide you with the absolute best advancements for door entry.

Versatile Design

Each of our touchless door entry options integrates perfectly with the style of your building while always helping with the same task, minimizing the hand contact in your entryways.

Touchless Entry Systems in Chicago

We strongly believe that all businesses and commercial buildings should be equipped with nothing short of the best. Touchless entry systems are up and rising throughout the nation and are proving to hold many different benefits. By choosing a touchless entry with Goldy Locks, you are choosing a healthier, safer, and more secure environment for customers, visitors, clients, and staff.

To learn more about our Touchless Door Entry, watch the video, or call us at (708) 633-4750 or visit our free online quote portal today.

Our experienced team of service technicians is standing by to answer any questions that you may have.

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