Chicago Home Security Checklist for Holiday Season Travel

Home Security Checklist for Holiday Season Travel

Chicago Home Security Checklist for Holiday Season Travel

Chicagoland Holiday Season Travel Checklist

Chicagoland Home Security Systems – In the State of Illinois, the holidays are one of the best times for thieves and burglars to break into homes. While you may be thinking that this is the season to enjoy time with family, catch up with friends, and enjoy the cheerful atmosphere, these horrible people are taking advantage of it. Before you pack up the vehicle and head to your families for the holidays or take a well-deserved vacation, ask yourself, are you truly ready?

The last thing you need is to return home this holiday season and see that everything you cherish and hold dear has been taken. Don’t let what’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year turn into the worst, there’s always time to prepare! All you need to do is keep reading this article, come to Goldy Locks – Alarm One, and talk with one of our Chicago Home Security Experts.

Home Burglaries: Did you know that:

Home burglars will take advantage knowing that homeowners are constantly away during the holiday season, shopping for gifts and going on a trip. Even if you stay at home, due to the harsh Illinois winters, it gives thieves more time to enter your home and grab as much as they can. However, you can avoid this all by following our holiday season home security checklist:

1. Chicagoland Home Security Camera Systems

Chicagoland Security Camera Systems

These pieces of equipment are one of the most crucial parts of a foolproof security system in your home. Whether you are home or not, these allow you to see what’s going on, and if there is anything suspicious happening, you will know when it happened and have a clear picture of who entered your home. For example, according to the Pew Research Center, police solve only 13% of reported burglary cases. But this percentage is much higher for homeowners who have top-of-the-line security cameras!

Did we mention top-of-the-line security cameras? Well, when you want to have the best on the market, come to Goldy Locks. We boast an extensive catalog of Honeywell and Resideo home security cameras, the most dependable and advanced security cameras available. Not only do these security cameras capture everything in HD, but you can also access them from anywhere.

2. Sound Alarms for Chicago Home Security

Alarms need to be a part of your home security system in Chicago. Why? Well, when you are in your home or away, an alarm will let you and your neighbors know if someone has come into the house. They will also scare the burglar away as it tells them that authorities are on the way and that they have more of a chance of being seen and caught. Browse through our different alarms that also include motion sensors, strobe lights, sound systems, and so much more.

3. Connect Your Devices with Your Security System in Chicago

Your Security System in Chicago

Home automation is becoming an extremely popular part of a home’s security system at every point throughout the year. Not only does it have an added level of protection, but it gives you the ability to have control of everything at the touch of a button, just like an “Alexa,” but with security benefits. Automating your home will do wonders for protecting your home. You will be able to access your security cameras, check in on what’s going on, and turn on lights and devices to make it seem like you are home, tricking any potential threats.

The expert security team at Goldy Locks – Alarm One is certified and trained in home automation, and once you have all the pieces needed, they will come to your home to set it up. They don’t stop there; our technicians will show you how to properly use it and answer any questions you may have. Are you ready to automate your home?

4. Get a Chicagoland Home Alarm Monitoring Plan

It’s the holiday season; you will be busy out shopping and spending time with families and friends. However, you shouldn’t have to be constantly wondering about what’s going on in and around your home. That’s where Goldy Locks – Alarm One 24/7 monitoring team comes in to save the day. We will watch your home day and night every day of the week, ensuring that you and the proper authorities are notified immediately if anything happens. Check our monitoring plans here.

5. Equip Your Chicagoland Area Home with Detection Systems

Chicagoland Area Home with Detection Systems

Burglaries will not be the only threat that your home faces this holiday season. Unfortunately, the winter is long and harsh in Illinois, and that means a variety of elemental factors can directly affect the integrity of your home. From your furnace failing to gas leaks and fires, the advanced detection systems at Goldy Locks – Alarm One will detect any threat before it gets too severe and notifies you.

Everything mentioned above can be easily found at Goldy Locks – Alarm One. All you have to do is visit the location closest to you and talk to one of our security solution professionals. We will listen to what you need and provide you with plenty of options that fit your budget!

Additional tips to secure your Chicagoland area home this holiday season:

  • Ensure your security system is up to date and working before you leave your home.
  • Lock all of your doors and windows.
  • Don’t brag about your holiday plans; the fewer people that know, the better.
  • Lock up and hide valuables.

Secure Your Chicagoland Home this Holiday Season with Goldy Locks

The team of home security experts is devoted to ensuring that you have an incredible holiday season with no problems at all. After a year of long days at work, school, and sports, you deserve some stress-free, relaxing time. Let Goldy Locks – Alarm One protect you, your family, and all of the things that you have worked so hard for. Contact Goldy Locks today.


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