Many firms offer home security systems in Naperville, but the services and coverages offered can differ considerably. When you are having a new alarm and camera installed, you should also consider what type of service plan you want.

keypadAt Goldy Locks, our basic home security plan includes cellular service, 24-hour monitoring, and system maintenance, which should be the most basic services from every home security provider. Beyond these, you can choose to add a variety of services to your plan. For protection against natural disasters and accidents, you can sign up for flood detection, smoke and fire monitoring, and low temperature monitoring. The latter will help you guard against burst pipes. For increased home monitoring, sign up for email and text notifications, and remote live video via wireless cameras. If you want finer control over your home, even when you are away, you can sign up for remote lighting and thermostat control, and even remote door locking and unlocking. Many of these features are already included in our total home security package.

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