Excel Your Daily Business Operations With Intruder-Proof Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry is quickly become the most popular method of access into Commercial buildings. Exceeding the use of traditional locks, Keyless Entry eliminates the need for those keys you are always losing. While stopping potential intruders who have mastered how to pick conventional locks.

Keyless Entry gives you complete control of your businesses access, entry, and entire operation. Utilizing the latest in security technology, Alarm-One provides you with a variety of Keyless Entry services from you to choose from.

Select The Type Of Entry That Best Fits Your Business

Keypad Locks & Hardware
TRILOGY® Series Locks

keyless-entry006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightChoose from 2000 different 3 to 6 digit personalized codes.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightEasily lock private rooms with a simple push of a button from the interior of the door.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightIntruder-Proof your doors with all metal keyless locks.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightNotify personnel room is occupied and if code is accepted or denied with integrated LED lights.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightKeep door unlocked behind you with programmable “Residency” feature until your code is entered into

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightObserve entries and exits with logged time and date internal stamp.

Touchscreen Locks
Arrow REVOLUTION® Series Locks

touchscreen-lock006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightOperate lock effortlessly with tri-lingual interactive voice-guided programming.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightGuarantee restricted access with Auto Re-Locking.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightAllow temporary frequent access with “Passage” mode.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightOperate lock with remote access capabilities.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightCompletely lock-out any entries with “Lockout” mode.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightSafeguard your security with optional 9VDC external power to continue functions in case of power loss.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightSelect a 4-12-digit user pin codes to program into your lock.

Telephone Entry Systems
TCS-100 Telephone Entry System

telephone-entry006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightVerbally control access to your building through instant audio communications.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightGuide users easily with LCD user prompt displays.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightAccommodate all visitors with a raised Braille lettered keypad.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightKeep intruders and vandals away with a protective all metal locking system.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightConveniently program lock remotely with a built-in modem and keypad or PC-compatible keyboard.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightConnect to your printer for printable reports of activity.

Biometric Entry Systems
Bioscrypt™ Fingerprint Reader

biometric-entry006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightOptimize the access security of your building with required fingerprint entry.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightEliminate the costs and time loss of losing keys or access cards.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightOpt for embedded IoProx proximity card reader to be included.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightStore up to thousands of programmed fingerprints for access to your building.

006739-3d-transparent-glass-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-rightPerfectly integrated with existing IoProx reader systems adding another phase of required identification with fingerprint readings.

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