Commercial Security Doors Improve Your Building Security; Here’s How…

commercial security doors & hardware in Chicagoland

Commercial Security for Business Owners in Chicagoland

Commercial building owners are always looking for new and advanced ways to increase their building’s functionality, and installing commercial security doors holds an undeniable amount of benefits. Commercial steel doors are commonly used for both industrial and commercial use and add significant benefits for all types of buildings such as hospitals, stores, schools, and even homes. Every year building owners across the globe are choosing to install steel doors over the traditional wooden doors, and here is why:

Vast Security Benefits for Commercial Building Owners

It’s no secret that installing a heavy-duty steel door will protect your commercial property. They are hard to break into, they are reliable, and can withstand huge amounts of force, something you will not get from a traditional commercial door. The advanced level of protection is something that saves the owners money while giving them the peace of mind that their building is always protected.

Commercial Security Doors Act as Visual Deterrents

At Goldy Locks our Commercial security doors provide an extra level of protection, but often potential burglars won’t even attempt to break in as soon as they see the door. The most determined and advanced intruders are also stopped in their tracks as things like reinforced steel frames, impact-proof locks, and reinforced fixing plates are an elemental bodyguard for your building!

Commercial security doors are designed and manufactured to make potential break-ins impossible. The time and expertise it takes to crack them open almost always leads to the intruder giving up and leaving with absolutely nothing. Keeping everything and everyone inside the building safe at all costs is something that commercial building owners strive for every day, and commercial security doors can help do that.

Add on Hardware for Commercial Security Doors

Something that makes commercial security doors so desirable is it’s a durable frame, and with that comes the option to add extra hardware such as touchless door entry, deadbolts, alarm systems, door closers, levers, and so much more. This option allows employees, visitors, and guests easy access in and out, improving the flow of your commercial building.

Commercial Doors Provide Protection Against The Elements

Outside security threats such as burglars are just one of the many things that can threaten the integrity of your building. Living in the Chicagoland area, you are no stranger to tough winters and storms, and steel doors can handle anything that is thrown at them!

Not to mention commercial security doors are fire-resistant, able to protect and contain fires of high temperatures while the proper action is taken to reduce the impact that it will have on the safety of everyone and everything inside!

Commercial Security Doors Provide Long-Term Value

Steel doors and frames provide the best long term value for your building, from the initial cost to the money you will need to spend on repairs and maintenance. One of the downfalls of regular commercial doors is the fact that yes, they may be cheaper, but they are often prone to damages that need repair and or a complete replacement, costing you hundreds down the road.

The initial cost of a steel door is usually less than that of a fiberglass door and a bit more expensive than regular commercial doors, but again the maintenance required to sustain them will leave you spending more. Commercial security doors need little to no repairs and are found to last over 30 years with proper care. Unlike wood, steel does not warp, twist, or bow when undergoing a lot of stress. If your commercial building undergoes a lot of traffic on a day to day basis, commercial security doors should be your number one option.

Stylish Commercial Security Door Options

A common misconception of steel doors is that they are ugly and bulky, taking away from the style of the building. At Goldy Locks, we provide a selection of doors that can be modified to fit with the style of your building, and you can still get the endless amount of benefits that come alongside them. Ask a team member for our commercial security door catalog and choose the door that best suits your needs while boasting a stunning look for your building.

Energy Efficient Commercial Doors

Another way that commercial security doors save you money is their increased energy efficiency. Time and time again, outside elements enter and leave your building, making you spend more on energy each month. Airtight commercial security doors are filled with an inner foam layer that keeps heat and cold in, perfect for harsh winters and warm summers!

Soundproof Commercial Doors in Chicagoland

If one of the commercial building owners’ goals is to keep sound in or out, then commercial security doors are your go-to option. These doors allow for noise to stop from leaking out and entering into other parts of the building, ensuring that where the heavy work is being done does not affect the building’s more tranquil parts.

Select the Right Commercial Security Door For You

At Goldy Locks, we provide a wide selection of top quality commercial security steel doors to choose from, allowing you plenty of options that fit your needs and your budget. Our team of experienced and trained steel & commercial door specialists will help guide you through all of the options & explain each commercial door’s advantages in order to make an informed decision and receive exactly what you need. By contacting Goldy Locks today, you can meet with a member of our team and start your journey to a safer and cost-friendly door option for your commercial building!

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