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One of the main reasons people require the expertise of an alarm and lock specialist in Chicago is to address security vulnerabilities in their property. Poor security in residential and commercial properties can lead to serious problems, especially if you’re not always around to monitor the at-risk areas.

At Goldy Locks in Chicago, we supply an extensive number of solutions for resolving security weaknesses in all types of building. We install state-of-the-art video surveillance systems, high-security doors & hardware, and keyless entry, to name but a few of the security areas we specialize in.

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We also supply and install alarm lock systems in Chicago from some of the best brands in the industry. An alarm lock is one of the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective ways to resolve security vulnerabilities. Door and exit alarm lock systems stop open doors from going unnoticed and making criminal activity and unauthorized access easy.

Door propping is a major concern, but it can easily be solved with the installation of a high-quality alarm lock from Goldy Locks! To resolve the security weaknesses in your property once and for all, get in touch with Goldy Locks today for tailored solutions to your security needs.

Where Can You Install an Alarm Lock?

Alarm locks are immensely versatile in where they can be installed and how they can be used. There are many options available for small but effective door alarms and large exit door alarm solutions that are resistant to multiple types of intrusion technique.

You can install an alarm lock in virtually any type of building where you want to prevent unauthorized access, such as in retail stores, schools, medical facilities, restaurants, offices, and recreation buildings. The alarms can be installed on stairwell doors and rear doors, as well as emergency doors where employees or residents need a quick escape route in an emergency, but access is not desired around the clock.

With a door alarm lock fitted, you’ll always have an audible – and sometimes visible – warning of when that door has either been opened or is left open for an certain period of time. At Goldy Locks, we can help you to identify where an alarm lock system will be of most benefit to your premises.

Commercial Alarm Locks

Exit alarms are a great way to protect exit doors from shoplifters or other unauthorized openings of these doors. When doors are opened, a loud 90 decibel alarm is triggered to alert you that someone has opened that door.
There are many customization options for commercial alarm locks that allow business owners to achieve tailored security solutions. You can opt for a manual system or an automatic system, add outside key control, and choose a system that automatically relocks.
Once installed, many alarm door lock systems allow you to further customize the settings. There may be options for entry/exit delays and different arming modes, as well as the ability to monitor multiple doors at once. There are many further benefits of commercial alarm lock installation in Chicago for your business or institution, including:

Low Cost – Alarm lock systems are a low-cost investment with a high-security return

Effective – The loud alarm will immediately alert you of problems

Durable – Alarm locks are designed to be durable and resistant to damage and intrusion

Multipurpose – Optional strobe lighting makes identifying problem doors quick and easy

Do you want customized security solutions for your business? Contact Goldy Locks in Chicago today to discuss your options for advanced commercial security systems.

What Alarm Lock Systems Are Available at Goldy Locks?

We supply and install a wide range of alarm locks at Goldy Locks from an incredible range of leading brands. We are authorized distributers for brands such as Arrow, Alarm Lock, Sargent and Greenleaf, and DETEX.

Advanced security is a guarantee with each of our alarm lock system options. You’ll discover a range of essential and desirable features amongst the locks we provide, including durable construction, installation convenience, and resistance to tampering, attacks and corrosion.

Here’s an insight into the main features of some of the top Chicago alarm lock systems that we provide at Goldy Locks:


Exit Alarms

The EA family of industrial strength exit alarms for the most challenging door security applications.

  • Battery powered flush or surface mount door alarms.
  • AC powered flush or surface mount door alarms.

Exit Control Locks

The code compliant, heavy-duty ECL exit control lock family has your back door covered. Easy to install, rugged, and economical; the ECL series has been the industry standard alarmed exit control lock for more than 30 years. The ECL series has been continuously updated to provide even more options, quality, and value, all in a time tested design.

  • Attack and corrosion resistant cast aluminum housing
  • Easy to install with basic tools
  • UL listed Panic Hardware, ADA compliant
  • ECL-230D comes with a 5 year limited warranty standard
  • Battery operated (can be converted with optional battery eliminator kits)
  • Exit bar signs avail. in Eng, Italian, Chinese, French Canadian, French, Dutch & German
  • High decibel alarm horn, Saw resistant deadbolt, with a 1″ throw
  • Outside key control available



8470 Series


Alarmed Rim Exit Devices

The easy to install, rugged Value Series alarmed rim exit devices are ideal for Life Safety and Security applications. The new V40xEBxW is a weatherized version of the Values Series, designed inside and out to withstand the elements and to exceed your life safety and loss prevention requirements.




  • Fast, easy, trouble-free installation.
  • Rugged, durable design with stainless steel self-latching bolt and angled end cap to deflect damage.
  • Tamper-resistant housing protects electronics, battery and internal hardware & prevents manipulation.
  • State of the art electronics for reliable security & instantaneous alarm.
  • Tamper-resistant security switching electronically monitors latch bolt.
  • 100+ Decibel alarm with adjustable re-arming feature for variable time re-arm.
  • Visual and audible arming indicators.
  • Powered by standard, 9-volt battery. Transformers available.
  • Adjustable time delay (5-30 seconds) allows sufficient time to exit
  • Low-battery alert, Delayed arming feature for arming after door closes.
  • Red Flashing LED alert when not armed.

Alarm Lock

Advanced Door Alarms

The EA family of industrial strength exit alarms for the most challenging door security applications.

  • All-new narrow stile door alarms
  • Convenient plug-in No-Cut jumpers
  • Improved 95db sweeping siren
  • Visual magnetic alignment mode, eliminates templates
  • Self-contained and dual-tamper supervised
  • 9V battery powered with low battery alert

Sargent and Greenleaf


This series of panic exit devices is designed to hold up to the prying, wedging, hammering, and pulling efforts of a determined burglar. It’s also made to stand up to the harsh treatment administered by employees in the course of their normal activities. This is the best “back door” solution when daily abuse and the threat of break-ins are big issues.

  • Non-handed design mounts on both left-hand and right-hand doors
  • Sturdy construction stands up to tortuous commercial use
  • Fits openings from 3′ to 4′
  • Pre-assembled units fit 3′ and 4′ openings (order by opening size)
  • Automatic and manual relocking models available
  • Integral alarms available on automatic and manual models
  • Fire rated automatic relocking model available
  • Fits jambs up to 6/ 3/4″

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Alarm locks are the ultimate solution for stopping your employees from leaving doors open accidentally or purposefully, deterring opportunist shoplifters who are looking to take advantage of security weak points, and stopping intruders who are searching for a quiet entry/escape route. 

At Goldy Locks, we provide a tailored service to ensure that you get the right security solutions for your commercial or residential needs, as well as fast and efficient installation services. Get into contact with Goldy Locks, Inc. today to discover more about our alarm lock solutions for the residents of Chicago.