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Commercial Door Hardware  


Goldy Locks is a leading business in Chicago and the Chicagoland area for providing homes and commercial buildings with door hardware and products from top named door hardware manufacturers in the country. Our sales team and experts are ready to give you the best products, long-lasting results, and high-quality hardware.  


Goldy Locks is well-known for providing customers in Chicago with the best products on the market, all while offering assistance across a wide array of areas, including installation and locksmith services. From schools and administration buildings to hospitals, homes, and commercial facilities, Goldy locks is here to help and provide you with the necessary means to enhance your building and home with unbeatable service and affordable prices. With access to extensive expertise and an endless inventory of door hardware, look no further than Goldy Locks.  


Touchless Door Entry  


On the rise across the globe, touchless door entry is becoming one of the best and most dependable options in commercial buildings. The level of safety, protection, and ease for each person that uses it is undeniably incredible, and at Goldy Locks, we boast a fantastic catalog of touchless door entry options:  


No Touch Activation  


Something as simple as a wave can provide access to the building and areas within for you and your employees. With an impressive range, eliminate the use of hands while opening your doors with Goldy Locks no-touch activation systems.  


Arm and Foot Pulls 


More than ever, avoiding hand contact to open up a door provides peace of mind knowing that there is no bacteria transference when opening a door. Popular in hospitals and high traffic commercial buildings, these strong pulls offer those who use it with a safe and hygienic way to open a door.  


Touchless door entry with Goldy Locks has combined ease and safety for everyone who chooses it. Be part of the new generation of door entry and allow those who enter your building to have a peace of mind knowing their well-being is truly being thought of. For any inquiries about our touchless door entry, contact Goldy Locks today!  



Commercial Door Hardware At Goldy Locks  



Door Knobs and Levers  


The door knobs and levers that we have at Goldy Locks combine seamlessly with any type of door. Whether for style, functionality, or both, you won’t be able to find a better selection of doorknobs and levers in Chicago or the surrounding area!  


Locks and Deadbolts  


Keeping those and everything inside safe and protected at every moment of the day and night is an essential part for all home and commercial building owners. So having only the most durable and dependable locks and deadbolts can assure you of complete protection. Explore Goldy Locks wide selection today!  


Door Closers  


When people are in a hurry, the last thing they want to think about is making sure a door is closed correctly. Choose reliable and durable door closers with Goldy Locks.  


Door and Floor Stoppers 


Protect your doors and floors with strong and long-lasting stoppers. Save yourself from unnecessary damages to other parts of your building and explore a better way to shield it.  


These are just a few of the many different door hardware that we provide for commercial buildings and homes in Chicago. See our extensive catalog of door hardware here and browse through the seamlessly endless options we have. Don’t want to browse? No problem, contact us today and meet with one of our professionals to help guide you through all of the best products we have that will fit your unique project!  


Choose Goldy Locks for Commercial Door Hardware 


For more than 30 years, Goldy Locks has been providing home and commercial building owners with the most reliable door hardware from the world’s best manufacturers. As a community-based company, we care deeply about each customer and want everyone to feel the same joy when they walk through our doors, as each person will be when they walk through theirs.  


Goldy Locks is uniquely qualified to provide superior services in both residential and commercial settings. With a long-list of different manufacturers and options, customers who choose Goldy Locks have the exclusive option of choosing from an array of products. Alongside our top of the line goods, we also boast a team of door professionals ready to answer any inquiries you have, while also guiding you through the best options for your specific project. They will provide complete estimates, project management, support, and above all, personal care! At Goldy Locks during and after your purchase we offer:  


Commercial Door Consulting 


Each team member is certified, trained, and equipped with knowledge and experience in all door hardware, ensuring that you get what you need and more! Our team is available to consult you on every decision you make and look through detailed plans of your home and or business while advising you on hardware that will have the best impact for you. All you have to do is come in to see one of our specialists, and we will go through all of the best options for you while fitting your budget. 


Commercial Door Hardware Installation 


We believe that to get the full use of your new door hardware; it needs to be installed professionally and correctly. By choosing a product with Goldy Locks, you invest in the best equipment in Chicago, making sure that it is installed with the fittest care. Our installation technicians will come directly to your home or business, install the product in no-time, and guide you through how to properly use it should it be a more complicated piece of hardware! 


Commercial Door Locksmith Services  


Your locks are one of the most essential features of your home and commercial building, something as simple as a loss of keys can pose a significant risk. Finding a quick solution for any type of lock-related emergency is imperative, and our professional locksmiths can help! Whether it be for a door or safe, our technicians will get you back in so that you continue with your day to day like no hiccup ever happened. 


Commercial Door Hardware & Services in Chicagoland 


For more than three decades, we have shown that we care about our community and provide them with door solutions that they can trust. For projects big or small, you can trust in Goldy Locks to provide you with the most dependable door hardware in Chicago with a personal touch! Don’t hesitate another minute and contact Goldy Locks today!