Residential and Commercial Emergency Locksmith Services in Chicago & Suburbs

Have you been locked out of your home or workplace? Have your locks been damaged due to an accident or break-in? Has your key been damaged or lost? No matter the type or scale of your lock emergency, the Chicagoland emergency locksmiths at Goldy Locks can help.

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Goldy Locks is a professional, long-standing service in Chicagoland, Illinois for all residential, commercial, and industrial lock services. We provide a quick and effective service to restore residential or commercial locks in the event of an emergency or help you to regain access to your home or workplace if you’ve been locked out.

Lock emergencies can be incredibly worrying, but not only that, they can put the security of your home or workplace at risk. If you’re experiencing a lock emergency, call us today and get the expert service you need to right any wrongs with your locks.

Emergency Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial lock emergencies can come in many forms, from broken or damaged locks, to missing keys and faulty doors. For every type of commercial lock emergency in Chicagoland, time is of the essence to solve the problem and make sure that you can gain access to your property or lock it securely, inside and out.

Even the smallest lock emergency can compromise whole-building security, potentially putting your livelihood, and that of your employees, at risk. Just one call to Goldy Locks is all that’s needed to take care of your lock emergency, whether it’s as simple as a broken key or as complicated as a damaged lock.

At Goldy Locks, we provide emergency locksmith services to all types of commercial property in the Chicagoland area, including retail buildings and offices. Our extensive knowledge and more than three decades of experiencing working with local Chicago businesses means that we can handle repairs, installations, and upgrades for all types of commercial lock; from deadbolts to electrical locking devices.

By putting your trust in the Goldy Locks team, you can make sure that your commercial property is never out of action for long.

Emergency Residential Locksmith Services

Residential lock emergencies can be distressing, especially if you find yourself locked out of your property or having to deal with broken locks. At Goldy Locks in Chicagoland, we aim to ensure that you never have to cope with lock emergencies by yourself.

If you’ve noticed a problem with your door that prevents you from locking it securely, you’ve lost your key, or your lock has broken, then we can help. Thanks to our large number of service trucks and highly-skilled technicians, we can get to the bottom of any lock emergency quickly and competently.   

Between our years of experience in residential lock repairs, installations, and upgrades, and our extensive knowledge of residential doors and locks, you can count on us to solve your residential lock emergency in an efficient and timely manner.

Don’t let problems with your locks make you feel vulnerable when you can restore your locks and make your home secure again with one call to the Goldy Locks team.

Commercial & Residential Emergency – Quick Info Guide – Emergency Locksmith Q&A

Are you currently experiencing a problem with your commercial or residential locks? Need fast and effective locksmith services from a company that you can count on? Check out our quick info guide for all the information you need about choosing Goldy Locks to take care of your lock emergency.

What Area Does Goldy Locks Cover for Locksmith Emergencies?

We provide extensive coverage of the Chicagoland, Illinois area for all locksmith services and lock emergencies. Our expert team of lock technicians have been serving the Chicagoland area for more than three and a half decades, offering high-class locksmith services to the residents and business owners of Chicago.

How Quickly Can a Locksmith Reach Me?

At Goldy Locks, we have a fleet of 25 service trucks and offer a same day locksmith service in the Chicagoland area. In an emergency, we strive to be with you as soon as possible, so you’re never waiting longer than what’s strictly necessary to receive professional assistance from our locksmiths.

Can I Get a Quote for Emergency Locksmith Services?

The last thing you need in an emergency situation is a large repair bill. We offer an affordable repair, installation, and emergency service as well as providing a quotation on all our services completely free of charge.

What Emergency Locksmith Services Do Goldy Locks Offer?

Locksmith emergencies can range from being locked out to broken locks and damaged keys, so at Goldy Locks, we make sure that we cover you in every eventuality. Our emergency locksmith services include:

  • Residential Lockouts
  • Commercial Lockouts
  • Broken Locks
  • Broken Keys
  • Residential Lock Repairs/Replacements
  • Industrial and Commercial Lock Repairs/Replacements
  • Retail Lock Repairs/Replacements

Not sure what the problem is with your locks? Simply call us today and we’ll sent a technician to you as soon as possible to troubleshoot the problem and get your locks back to fully functioning order.

What Else Can Goldy Locks Help Me With?

Goldy Locks specialize in an extensive range of locksmith services, covering all residential and commercial emergencies, as well as a vast range of other services. We can help you with:

  • Troubleshooting lock problems
  • Upgrading your locks
  • Improving your home or commercial security
  • Replacing lost or damaged keys
  • Fixing sagging doors and doors that don’t lock properly

Why Should I Trust Goldy Locks in an Emergency?

Since 1981, Goldy Locks have been servicing the Chicagoland area, providing residents with high-quality, efficient lock repair, replacement, and upgrade services. We provide a reliable, comprehensive service that the residents of Chicago, Illinois trust time and time again. We understand how stressful a lock emergency can be, which is why we provide an exceptional service for lock problems big and small.

If you’re locked out of your home or workplace, need emergency troubleshooting, or fast and professional repairs, call Goldy Locks now for a locksmith service that you can rely on.

What to Do When Faced with a Locksmith Emergency in Chicago

While a locksmith emergency can be worrying, it’s important not to panic; there’s help on hand to make sure that the lock problems are resolved. Here’s what to do in two common emergency situations:

  • Locked Out – If you’ve been locked out, then the first step is to locate your spare set of keys. Once you’re back inside your property, it’s wise to call a locksmith to change your locks. If you don’t have a spare set of keys, then call an emergency locksmith immediately to unlock the door.
  • Broken Locks – If your locks have been damaged due to a break-in, then the first thing to do is to call the police, then you can get in touch with an emergency locksmith. For non-break-in related damage, calling a locksmith should be a top priority. The locksmith will be able to assess the damage and advise you on the best course of action.

In any emergency lock situation, stay calm and give Goldy Locks a call. You’ll be able to discuss the nature of the problem with our expert team and arrange for a locksmith to come to your home or workplace with all the tools needed to repair or replace your keys/locks as soon as possible.

Vehicle Lockout

  • Auto/Vehicle Lockout
  • Office Lockout
  • Home Office
  • Broken Keys
  • Broken Locks
  • Industrial
  • Repairs
  • Retail

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