Control Panels

Operate your entire fire alarm system from one complete control center.


Maintain your Fire Alarm system and identify where an alarm was set off with Remote Zone Annunciators.

Beam Detectors

Detect fires immediately with state-of-the-art Optical Beam Smoke Detectors.

Smoke Detectors

Alarm all personnel of any potential fire with efficient Smoke Detectors.

Heat Detectors

Safeguard your home with sensitive Heat Detectors.

Warning Horns

Clearly alarm your entire staff & occupants of an emergency situation with Warning Horns, Bells, Alarms, & Strobe Lights.

Pull Stations

Install Pull Stations throughout your building to give employees an instant alarm indicator.


Place Wireless Transmitters throughout your building for optimal alarm system performance.

Fire Alarm Control Panels

Complete Command Of Your Entire Fire Alarm System

Alarm-One offers you intelligent and technologically efficient Fire Alarm Control Panels. Giving you the ability to control every component of your Fire Alarm System with a few simple button presses. Fire Alarm Control Panels are available with a wide capacity of feature settings. Making it easier for you to make the right selection for your business that fits your requirements—perfectly.

Dependable & Industry Leading Fire Alarm Control Panels

Chicago Commercial Businesses will enjoy the latest in Fire Alarm System technology in order to meet their safety and protection standards. We are partners with the most popular brands and manufacturers in the market today. Providing our clients with integrated Fire Alarm Control Panels that seamlessly access each part of your system.

Cut Your Costs Effectively By Extending Your Systems Lifecycle

By maintaining your system with a user-friendly control panel. Alarm-One Control Panels give you the opportunity to control your costs and extend the products lifecycle. Introducing a whole new level of safety communication with electrical signals that connect quickly and effectively.

Benefits of Alarm-One Fire Alarm Control Panels

  • Conventional & Modern design to fit into your business perfectly.
  • Extended Alarm System life-cycle with complete control of all components.
  • Latest technology available—internet connectivity, remote access, and touchscreen to help reduce maintenance costs and services.
  • Versatile functions and installation with ability to connect with your existing Alarm System infrastructure.

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