At Goldy Locks, our company understands that you rely on your vehicle every single day, and the moment you experience an issue with your keys or locks, you need a solution that is quick and reliable. Our team of auto experts is here to assist you with any automotive lock and key inquiry. Our technicians provide services with innovative equipment and technology throughout the day and night for those in Franklin Park, IL.

Our services are outstanding and prices affordable; anyone stuck in a bind regarding their vehicle’s locks and keys can always count on us to assist them. Each technician stands behind their work and makes themselves available the moment that you need a solution. No matter where you are in Franklin Park, IL, or the surrounding area, an equipped van will be sent to your location the moment you contact us.

Expert Automotive Locksmith Services in Franklin Park, IL

  • Automobile Key Duplication – Car key duplicates for any make and model
  • Car Emergency Lockout Services – There is nothing worse than feeling stranded; that’s why we work with the latest unlocking equipment to get you back into your vehicle and on your way in no time.
  • Auto / Car Key Replacement Services in Franklin, Park- Our specialist will arrive at your location and will craft you a car key and Fob replacement on the spot.
  • Automobile Key FOB Reprogramming Services- Avoid the dealership and their unrealistic prices. Our crew has the equipment to program and reprogram your key fob.

Automobile Key Replacement & Duplication Services in Franklin Park, IL – We’ll Come to You!

Automobile Key Replacement & Duplication Services in Franklin Park, IL

The need for affordable and effective vehicle security solutions, key copies, and car key replacement and duplication for your vehicle have become the #1 priority for our business in Franklin Park, IL. It’s no secret that keys for your automobile can be easily misplaced or taken from you. We are the only experts in Franklin Park, Il, when it comes to unlocking your doors and getting you back in your vehicle with a new pair of keys (and maybe an extra pair just in case).

There’s no need for you to come to us; our team will come to you. Our vans are fully equipped with the technology necessary to cut your keys on the spot. Other locksmith agencies and dealerships require you to not only pay outrageous prices on new keys but clients are also required to pay to transport their vehicle to our competitor’s location. Each one of our team members always makes it simple for our clients. Just contact us, and we will send over our specialists right away.

Motor Vehicle Key Programming – Franklin Park, IL

Latest Technology for Automobile Key Replacements

Motor Vehicle Key Programming Services – Franklin Park, IL Latest Technology for Automobile Key Replacements

You rely on your automobile to get you from point A to point B each day. You run your errands faster, get home quicker, move around the city easier. A malfunctioning transponder key or fob is extremely distressing, especially when you are away from the comfort of your own home. These small technological remotes not only unlock and lock your auto, they determine whether or not you will be able to drive it. The moment they become problematic, you need a solution, and you need it fast.

For years, once you bought your brand new vehicle and your key fob was placed in your hands, the only option, if it was lost or broken, was to call the dealership to get a new one. That meant paying a tow truck to get your vehicle taken to the dealership and then even more money for a brand new fob or transponder key. Now, the dealership is no longer the only option. Goldy Locks is a reputable lock and key service provider in Franklin Park, IL, and the surrounding area, ready to arrive at your location to properly program your fob or transponder key at unbeatable prices. Choosing our dependable business guarantees:

  • The fob is properly programmed to your vehicle
  • Solutions no matter the make or model of the auto
  • Quick and reliable service no matter where you are
  • A crew of uniformed, licensed, and trained specialists

Expert 24/7 Motor Vehicle Lockout Service in Franklin Park

Expert 24/7 Motor Vehicle Lockout Service in Franklin Park

Car lockouts happen all of the time and often in the worst moments. While they are one of the most irritating experiences a vehicle owner can encounter, Goldy Locks is always available to provide a solution. Especially when you are away from your home, stuck in the cold, or in a rush, you need fast response times and results that you can rely on. Don’t worry because, with our rapid services, there is always a trusted lock and key expert around the corner able to open your automobile in a matter of minutes.

A+ Rated Car & Automobile Key Solutions- Servicing Franklin Park


A+ Rated Car & Automobile Key Solutions- Servicing Franklin Park, IL

Each one of our auto lock and key techs in Franklin Park, IL, has years of training under their belts and is prepared to diagnose key and lock problems and deliver a resolution in no time. You’re busy, and being locked out or without keys just isn’t in the cards. Our experts can get owners back on the road no matter the year, make, or model of vehicle.

Lock & Key Programming Servicing Most All Makes & Models of Motor Vehicles – (SEE FRANKLIN PARK REVIEWS)

Goldy Locks is the area’s best and most trusted lock and key solution company. Our crew helps hundreds of motorists each year avoid crushing prices from dealerships just to get back into one of their most important investments. Our crew is dedicated to each of our clients, and it shows in our exceptional work and services.

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Anyone with an automobile in Franklin Park knows that Goldy Locks is the #1 option for automobile / car lock & key needs. Therefore, when you find yourself in a situation where you require our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. A professional crew and fully stocked van will be sent to your location right away, getting you back on your way at an unbeatable price.

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