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Servicing the Geneva Illinois Area (Commercial & Residential)

Keeping your home safe is a full-time job, though you might find some help with the right security system to protect your family and your belongings. If you are seeking residential or commercial alarms and security solutions for your property in Geneva, Goldy Locks can offer prompt, professional service with a free on-site consultation to discuss your needs in alarm systems, surveillance, and emergency alerts. With systems from home and commercial security industry leader, Honeywell, we can help you stay safe against fire, burglary, and a number of other common threats to your property.

Goldy Locks Your Full Security Solution

Enhancing Your Home with Modern Security Solutions

With today’s digital technologies, your home security system can be an asset for your comfort and convenience at home as well as your protection. Today’s home security systems can integrate a number of amenities into one control system, allowing you to effectively manage your home no matter where you are. Here’s a closer look at just a few of the enhancements that your home security system from Honeywell can offer.

  • Home AutomationWhat if you could turn on the lights before you get home from work or adjust the thermostat after you have left the house? With total home automation and security system integration, you can do those tasks and more from your smartphone or computer. When you are in the house, home automation can allow you to stay in complete control of your home environment from the comfort of the couch.
  • Touchscreen Video Controls – You can integrate your burglar alarm, security cameras, glass break sensors, and smoke alarms all into one system, which you will be able to control from a sleek touchscreen video console. You can also add two-way voice communication, which will let you speak directly to a representative at our local alarm monitoring station when an alarm is triggered. You’ll also see emergency alerts pop up on the screen so that you can stay prepared for natural disasters and other emergencies that may affect your family.
  • Keyless Entry Systems – Keyless entry systems can be great for homes, because they eliminate the stress of lost keys and locked out family members. For your business, keyless entry can allow you to keep track of who enters the building and when. Paired with video surveillance, this system will let you always keep an eye on your home or business, even when you are away.