Goldy Locks – Alarm One Switch From RESIDEO to Security Products

At Goldy Locks – Alarm One, the main goal is to continue to deliver customers the top-rated security products in the industry. We have been protecting Chicago homes and businesses with the best devices and systems for decades, and it is one of the many reasons we are excited to announce our switch from Resideo to security products. Keep reading to learn more about the different products that will be a part of our arsenal going forward!

Who is was founded in 2000 and is a provider of security products for commercial buildings and homes. They also provide complete home automation that provides remote access from the app. Through this unique, one-of-a-kind app, you will have access to your lights, cameras, thermostat, doorbell, and so much more. You will now be able to have control over your alarm system like never before!

Once you have all of your security products and system installed by Goldy Locks – Alarm One professional specialists, you will be able to connect with your devices from wherever you are. Whether you’re at work, on the road, or even on vacation across the world, you have complete transparency. See who’s at the door, change the temperature, turn on the lights, all with the touch of a button!

Smarter Home and Commercial Security

Goldy Locks - Alarm One Switch From RESIDEO to Security ProductsImproved security and safety technology are what we strive to provide our clients with. A security system that is powered by technology comes with safeguards that are unmatched by any other system on the market. These include:

  • Unexpected activity alerts
  • Elemental threat notifications such as fires or gas leaks
  • Cellular connection cant be cut or crashed

Here is a list of some of the different products that will enhance your home and commercial buildings’ security!

Video Doorbell

Video DoorbellThere is nothing that says a secure home like a video doorbell! Always know who is at the front door before even opening it with the smart video doorbell. Its sleek look fits with the exterior of all homes and allows both parents and children to feel safe at all times. They come with an integrated camera, motion sensor, speaker, and digital microphone.

That’s right; you don’t even have to open the door to talk with whoever is on the other side. These devices allow you to answer the door and speak with visitors using its top-of-the-line two-way audio system. You will also be able to record clips when there is motion at the door, or the doorbell is pushed. You will receive real-time alerts so you know what’s going on right when it happens.

Smart Locks smart locks allow home and commercial building owners to add security to their lock systems. With a variety of different options to choose from, you can choose what fits better with your home and your specific needs. From Pincode and touchscreen lock combinations to a smart lock that you can control from your app, you have all of the options.

Imagine this. You or a member of your family leave your home and forget your keys. Or you’re away, and there is an emergency at your home, and you need to let someone in who doesn’t have keys, so you give them access right from the app. Smart locks are revolutionizing both security and comfort for all homeowners in Chicago.

Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera with Two-Way Audio

Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera with Two-Way AudioThe outdoor Wi-Fi camera is one of the first outdoor cameras with two-way audio. This allows home and commercial building owners the ability to know what’s going on around their property in real time. The powerful video analytics in the systems boast the ability to detect and alert you of threats around your home or business.

As an added bonus, the two-way audio allows you to discourage unwanted visitors. If there is ever suspicious activity around your property, you will be immediately notified, allowing you plenty of time to take the proper action. Do you want better security to protect everything and everyone inside your property? Look no further than camera systems.

Smart Touchscreen Thermostat

When you think about your home or commercial building’s security, your thermostat may not be one of the first things that come to mind. This sleek and color touchscreen system is designed for a simple experience that delivers a level of control and comfort like no other. This system also monitors the health of your cooling and heating system, alerts you of any issues, and even delivers performance reports every month.

No more coming home and the house is either too cold or too warm; control your thermostat from wherever you are whenever you want. Save money on energy while you are at work and ensure you come home to the ideal temperature. Additionally, in those strong and long Illinois winters, if the temperature ever drops drastically within your home, you will be immediately notified.

Helping You Understand the Switch Between Resideo to

We understand that some of our clients may have some questions regarding this change to and the possible current Resideo System that you have. Our experts are always available to answer any questions you may have and deliver you a solution that truly helps. If you have any concerns due to this switch, feel free to contact our team, and one of our specialists will be more than happy to speak with you.

Goldy Locks – Alarm One: Authorized Dealer in Chicago

Goldy Locks - Alarm One: Authorized Dealer in Chicago
If you are looking for the best security solution for your commercial or residential needs, look no further than Goldy Locks – Alarm One. Our specialists are ready to help you choose the perfect security system and products to maximize your and your property’s safety 24/7, 365 days. Contact Goldy Locks – Alarm One today and get the answers and solutions you deserve.

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