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Reliable Home Automation Platform

At Goldy Locks, we understand that the safety and security of your home is the most important thing to you. One of the most amazing things about living in such an advanced digital age is the fact that you can put advanced technologies to work for you, insuring a completely automated response to any security concerns. What’s more, you can also utilize this automated system to maximize the conveniences in your home as well!

We are so excited to introduce you to Alarm.com incredible Home Automation System and products! This best-in-class home system automation has capabilities that we could only dream of, and now we at Goldy Locks are thrilled to be able to make this dream a reality for you and your family.


Lights. Camera. And everything else.

This refined yet robust smart home security hub connects all the important elements of your home -video security, thermostats, lights, and locks -in one system, on a gorgeous 7-inch color display. Combining QOLSYS and Alarm.com will allow you to easily connect to smart devices so you can monitor and control your home from anywhere.

Voice Responsive, Hands-free Control

Give your smart home security system a voice with the Alarm.com. As if all the other features weren’t enough, the Alarm.com system  will respond to your speech commands so you can easily manage your connected home while still going about your day.

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Who’s That at the Door? 

The only thing worse than an uninvited guest is one you can’t see. Fortunately, the QOLSYS systems comes equipped with a built-in front-mounted camera that can take a photo when your smart home security system has been disarmed. You’ll receive instant notifications so you can take necessary steps to help protect your home.

Efficient Home Automation

Alarm.com systems bring together every component of your smart home to make it easy for you to see, hear, and adjust almost anything in your home. With incredible interoperability, the security control panel can connect and automate your security cameras, thermostats, locks, shades, and more, for a robust security system.

The system’s built-in camera is especially handy to see who enters your home, and snaps a photo if the system is disarmed. Additionally, because the device connects to smart devices, you can monitor and adjust all of these functions remotely.

Some of the unique and wonderful capabilities of the Alarm.com Home Automation System include:

  • Convenient Mobile Phone App and Apple Watch Control: Our favorite feature of the Alarm.com Home Automation System is the high-quality smartphone or Apple Watch app. This feature is really what makes the system unique. Whether you’re in the living room, at the office, across the country, or across the globe, you can control the features in your home right from your phone.

home automation chicagoWhat’s even cooler is that you don’t have to take our word for it – you can take a try-before-you-buy interactive demonstration yourself without investing a dime! Visit your phone’s respective app store (iTunes or Google Play) and search for the Alarm.com App and we’ll walk you through the amazing features and controls that will be available to you in-app when you own the Alarm.com Home Automation System, including video surveillance, alarm system settings, home and business comfort settings, and automation!

  • Comfort: Control the temperature of your home or office thermostat, light settings, shades and window blinds, ceiling fans, home entertainment options, and more, whether you’re in the living room or in a remote location.
  • Security: Control door locks, positioning of security or monitoring cameras, and view camera fields all from your computer or the handy Alarm.com App.
  • Scenes: A blend of comfort and security, our scenes options lets you set a standard set of home or office settings for a particular time of day or mood. For example, a Night Scene might include locked doors, closed shades, a specific temperature setting, and fans on.
  • Cost savings: The ability to remotely control all energy-consuming devices in your home from your smart phone enables you to take control of your energy expenditures. You can cut your electrical bill by up to 20% just by taking greater care of adjusting thermostat, light, and home entertainment options when you’re away from home.
  • Support & integrations with other brands home automation products: The Alarm.com Home Automation System comes with superior support from our Chicago-based staff members. We also offer numerous integrations with existing systems on our Alarm.com platform.  For example, the awesome new SkyBell Doorbell Camera!Alarm.comAl


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