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The Total Connect Home Automation System offers seamless integration with your home’s thermostat and temperature settings to give you ultimate control of your home’s comfort and efficiency. Some of the technologically advanced operations that are possible with your home’s Total Connect System include:
  • Convenient Phone App Control: Our favorite feature of the Total Connect Home Automation System is the high-quality smartphone or Apple Watch app. This feature is really what makes the system unique. Whether you’re in the living room, at the office, across the country, or across the globe, you can control the features in your home right from your phone. What’s even cooler is that you don’t have to take our word for it – you can take a try-before-you-buy interactive demonstration yourself without investing a dime! Visit your phone’s respective app store (iTunes or Google Play) and search for the TotalConnect App. Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply open to the login screen and select the “Take a Test Drive” link (located below the login module). From here, we’ll walk you through the amazing features and controls that will be available to you in-app when you own the Total Connect Home Automation System, including video surveillance, alarm system settings, home and business comfort settings, and automation!
  • Customized comfort & efficiency: Control your home’s thermostat, lights, fans, and shades or blinds from your computer or smart phone app. Studies show that you can save up to 20% on your utility bills each month by simply adjusting temperature and lighting when you leave your home. With the Total Connect Home Automation System, that’s as easy as pushing a button on your phone as you walk out the door (or – if you forget – when you reach your destination). You can even make these settings automatic during certain days and times, so you don’t need to think about it at all!
  • Scenes: Do you like for your home to be a certain temperature when you’re at home, but another during the day, but hate coming home to an uncomfortable home? No problem! With Total Connect’s Scenes feature, your system will make these adjustments for you. Simply select a Home scene to adjust your home’s temperature to your comfort level, open blinds, and turn fans on if desired. When you’re leaving, instruct your system to adjust to an Away scene, turning all thermostats off, fans off, and closing blinds. You can even set your Home scene to activate prior to your arrival so you’ll come home to a comfortable home.
  • Support & Integrations: The Total Connect Home Automation System comes with superior support from our Chicagoland-based staff members. We also offer numerous integrations with existing systems on our Total Connect platform.

We are so excited to introduce you to this amazing home automation system! Our experienced team of service personnel is standing by to answer any questions that you may have. To learn more about the Total Connect Home Automation System and its state of the art comfort capabilities, call us at (855) 999-4572 or visit our free online quote portal today.

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