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Resideo SMART Home Alarm Security Systems

We at Goldy Locks provide homeowners with nothing but the best security alarm systems, and that starts with Resideo. Resideo is known as a top distributor of security products and globally manufactures high-grade sustainable alarm systems, which allows people to take control of the safety and protection of their home.

With 150 million households using Resideo to protect their homes, we at Goldy Locks can confidently tell you that their line of home security alarm systems is among those of the best in the world.

By contacting our experts at Goldy Locks, we will take a step by step process reviewing all of your essential home security needs and assist you in choosing the right package for you

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24/7 Home Alarm Monitoring Plans in Hanover Park

Resideo Home Security Alarm Systems

We understand that keeping your home safe doesn’t just include while you are at home, and due to your day to day responsibilities, the weight of worrying about your home’s safety is a burden you shouldn’t have to hold. Though you can’t keep an eye on your house 24/7, we can.

At Goldy Locks, we have three plans that you can choose from. Safety goes beyond a break-in or unwanted intruders, and that is why all of our plans protect against so much more. Here is a quick outline of our 24/7 home alarm monitoring plans.

Basic Security Monitoring
  • 24 Hour Active Alarm Monitoring
  • Fire & Smoke Monitoring
Total Security Monitoring with TotalConnect
  • 24 Hour Active Alarm Monitoring
  • Fire & Smoke Monitoring
  • Flood Detection
  • Low-Temperature Monitoring
  • Remote Access From The Web/Mobile Phone Included
Monitoring with TotalConnect Camera Viewer
  • 24 Hour Active Alarm Monitoring
  • Fire & Smoke Monitoring
  • Flood Detection
  • Low-Temperature Monitoring
  • Remote Access From The Web/Mobile Phone Included
  • Remote Lock/Unlock doors Included
  • Lighting & Thermostat Control Included
  • Remote Live Video Included
There are a lot of different factors that play into picking the plan that is right for you, that is why talking with our experts at Goldy Locks is the ideal choice. We get down to the facts and give you a recommended approach to the protection of your home.

Resideo Home Security Alert Systems in Hanover Park

We at Goldy Locks strongly believe that if there is ever a security threat in your home, you shouldn’t have to wait; you should be the first in the know.

With Resideo home security alert systems, not only will you be in the loop of everything that is going on, but by the time you pick up your phone to notify the proper channels to deal with the problem at hand,
Resideo alert systems will have already contacted them. See how our past clients have taken the path towards complete safety here and see for yourself why you can put your trust in the protection of everything and everyone you hold dear in the hands of our experts at Goldy Locks

Resideo SMART Home Automation & Remote Access Control

From the click of a button, stay in touch with everything that is going on inside and around your home. Automizing your home can give you a comfortable feel towards making sure everything is running how you want to.

Not only does automizing your home and having remote control from wherever you are, provide numerous security benefits, but through any device connected to WIFI in your home, whether it be your thermostat, light and electronic supplies through devices made by Apple, Amazon, Samsung, etc. you can keep in control on your mobile device as long as you have a connection.

See the wide array of options our experts have in store for you here and make your home smarter and safer.

Alarm Systems in Hanover

Resideo Home Security Systems Dealer in Hanover Park

Resideo home security systems are globally known for keeping security and safety, not only reliable but easy and accessible. We at Goldy Locks strive to deliver the best products and systems for our clients, and that is why we boast a wide selection of Resideo security systems and highly recommend them to our customers.

As a local business with the best interests and needs of homeowners in our community in mind, we want only what is best for our clients, especially when it comes to security, and that is why Resideo is the best option for you.

Honeywell Commercial Security Systems in Elk Grove Village

Honeywell Commercial Security Systems in Hanover Park

Honeywell Commercial Security System Products & Services

Keeping your business secure goes beyond the old lock and door, and you should only have the top security system, appliances, and services that solidify your protection against all security threats, including intrusion, theft, environmental factors, etc.

Honeywell has made its commercial security systems not just dependable but easy to use. With some of the most reliable wireless products and the best hybrid control panels on the market, Honeywell provides a sense of comfortability and ease of mind for all business owners using their products. Some of the many things that Honeywell boasts for all those who use their products consist of:

  • Honeywell Commercial Security – Access Control Systems

Easy access shouldn’t be dependent on how complicated or straightforward your security measures are, taking control should be fast and proactive, and Honeywell security systems provide ease from your computer, phone, and tablet to your essential keypads situated throughout your business.

  • Honeywell Integrated Security Systems for Commercial Business

With Honeywell, whether your commercial business consists of a small building or sizable multi-area facility, the security system needs of your business are unique and individual to you. Choose a security system that fully covers your specific needs. Honeywell’s, integrated security systems provide premium security solutions that protect all sizes of companies designed to provide controlled access and reduce potential crime to your business while implementing a reliable and robust risk management system.

  • Honeywell Intrusion Security Systems

Keeping those who are unwanted out of your business and system is essential. The numerous products that Honeywell boasts in its intrusion security system catalog put security at your fingertips. From sensors that let you know of suspicious activity when it’s happening to keypads for keeping you and your workers in and intruders out, these systems provide the ideal security against all outside threats to your company.

  • Honeywell Video Security Systems Honeywell Video Security System CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

Keeping in the know is one thing, but seeing what is happening is a whole other level. With Honeywell video security systems, you can see all current and past suspicious activity from the comfort of your office or while you are on the road.

Honeywell Video CCTV Security System is a system in which the signals from your video cameras are not publically transmitted but are only monitored for surveillance and security. These signals are only able to be viewed by you and whoever else you want in your company. This system is entirely private and can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Take control and see firsthand the activity that takes place in and around your business with top-grade Honeywell video security systems.

Why Choose Honeywell Commercial Alarm Security Systems?

Resideo SMART Home Alarm Security Systems

The security of your company should be dependent on products that are reliable and easy to use. Honeywell alarm security systems have an undeniable record for producing the best security systems for local and global companies. Don’t just choose any alarm system, choose one that is proven to go beyond the typical consumer alarm system, and provide top-grade security throughout your business.

➔ Honeywell Commercial Security System Advantages

◦ Commercial Alarm Monitoring Plan
At Goldy Locks, we understand that you cannot always be making sure that your business is safe and sound, and that is why by choosing one of our alarm monitoring plans, we will take the stress of keeping up with the security of your company off your shoulders.

Our team has years of expertise, knowing all of the ins and outs of Honeywell security systems. Through a 24/7 surveillance, we will make sure that you can comfortably put your trust in us with the guarantee of nothing less than complete satisfaction.

◦ Honeywell Commercial Alarm Security System Installation
Selecting the right system for you and your company is extremely important, but selecting a team of experts to install your new system properly is just as if not more crucial.

At Goldy Locks, our team of experts provides a professional installment of your Honeywell commercial alarm systems with a fast and personal approach to make sure that your alarm system is situated in the ideal locations of your business while also taking the time to teach you on how to properly use it so that you get the most out of your new security system

Honeywell Commercial Alarm System Dealer in Hanover Park

Choosing a security system for your company is easy, but choosing the best one requires the help of those who know best.

Meet with our team of experts at Goldy Locks and get a personal experience while you explain to us the outline of your company and tell us what exactly you are looking for when it comes to your security needs. 

Our extensive range of Honeywell commercial alarm systems allow you to choose the best option for you and your company.

24:7 Home Alarm Monitoring Plans in Hanover Park

Contact Goldy Locks, Serving Hanover Park & the Chicagoland Area

Serving the Chicagoland area for over 30 years while being certified by multiple nationally recognized institutions makes us the ideal candidate to give you the unique touch you deserve.

That being said, our team and services go beyond the titles that make us a great company, because we at Goldy locks have two things in mind, the comfort and security of our clients. Your home and business are important to you, and that makes them important to us.

We guarantee:

  • Skilled and certified technicians
  • High-grade commercial and home alarm systems and services
  • Free estimates and evaluations
  • A seemingly never ending option of security products
  • Local delivery
  • Fast and professional service
  • Expert knowledge of commercial security

For all security needs, whether it be home and or commercial, big and small, get the expert advice, products, and services you deserve and contact our team here today!


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