Going Out of Town? Security Tips for Leaving Home

Going Out of Town? Security Tips for Leaving Home

Home security is incredibly important, but none more so than when you’re going out of town. Whether you’re finally taking that well-earnt vacation, you need to attend a business meeting, or you’ve decided to visit family in a different state, the safety of your home while your gone should be a top priority.

Many families are victim to a similar scenario every year; they have enjoyed spending days, weeks, or months away, only to come home to damaged property, missing possessions, and in some cases, much worse. Without even realizing it, they have left their property as a prime target to be broken into. This is something that can be prevented by paying a bit of extra attention to the areas of a home that are the most vulnerable and providing an increased security throughout.

So, where to start with securing your home whilst you’re away? There are two main factors that should be considered when spending prolonged periods of time away from your home; prevention and home security. Both are very important to minimizing the risk of your home being targeted whilst you’re out of town.

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Prevention Tips When Going out of Town

Prevention is the first step towards making your home less of a target. While prevention techniques won’t increase the overall security of your home, they can stop your property appearing like an easy target to intruders. There are a number of simple and, in many cases, completely free, precautions that can be taken before you leave.

Double Check All Everything Is Locked

A very simple precaution, but one often overlooked by many homeowners. Before you leave town, it is essential to make sure that not just your doors are locked, but also your windows, and any other viable entry into your home. Any garden gates, lockable interior doors, and even cat flaps, should be locked tightly, and then double checked just before you leave.

Don’t Advertise That You’re Going Away

When book an exciting holiday, it is understandable that you want to share that fact with everyone that you come across. This is especially the case on social media, where people excitedly post about where they are going, how long they are going for, and when they’ll be back.

In essence, this is advertising how long your home is going to be empty for, and how much of an opportunity that intruders will have to break in without being noticed. Only telling people that you know personally that you are going away, and then advertising how great the vacation was afterwards, is a vital prevention tool to keeping your home safe.

Make It Look like Somebody Is Home

Many potential intruders are only interested in breaking into empty homes, so making your home look inhabited is an obvious solution to minimizing risk. While it isn’t cost-effective or energy efficient to leave appliances on for long durations of time when you’re out of town, it can be beneficial to invest in timers. Setting up timers for lights or radios is a great way to make it look like somebody is home at different times during the day or night.

Arrange for Somebody to Take Care of Your Home

One step better than timers is to use a home sitter service, similar to those that people use to take care of their pets whilst they’re away. Having someone that you can trust to stay in your home while you’re out of town is a great deterrent, whether it’s a friend, family, or professional service. Not only will your home be taken care of, but it won’t appear as though you’re away.

Put Valuable Items out of Sight

Whether it’s through glass doors, windows, or even keyholes, if a potential intruder can see into your property, then the likelihood is, they are going to see something worthwhile taking. Moving all your valuables out of sight, or going one step better, and locking them away, will make your home less of a target, and keep your belongings safe.

Home Security Tips When Going out of Town

The second step to reducing the risk of your home being targeted, and making it more difficult and risky to break into if it is, is home security. One of the first things an intruder will evaluate before picking a target, is how secure a home is, and what the likelihood is of them getting caught. When you are out of town, this is even more important, as an intruder will have nobody to catch them immediately. Making breaking into your property a noisy, difficult, and very visible affair, will put off a lot of potential intruders.

Invest in a High-Security Door

The entry that you use to get into your home is likely to be the first point of call for intruders, it is, after all, the safest entrance. Old-fashioned doors are not as secure as they look on the outside, often giving way with only a moderate amount of force. High-quality security doors are the way to go for prevention against intruders, both when you’re at home and out of town. Opting for steel or fiberglass over traditional wood, and ensuring that the hardware is just as durable, will make the door a very unsavory choice for intruders.

Change or Upgrade Your Locks

Multiple strong locks, on both doors and windows, can go a long way to increasing the security of a property. Modern locks are a lot harder to pick than traditional models, while choosing multiple locks for a front or back door, can make the process of breaking in via the lock, much more unappealing. For even more security, choosing to go keyless can be incredibly beneficial. Card or code entry gives you a lot more control over your doors, eliminating the risk of skilled intruders gaining entry through a door without causing a lot of noise.

Install a Home Security System

One of the biggest risks of going out of town is that it could take you days or even weeks to even know if someone has gained access to your property. A home security system is not only a major deterrent, but it lets you know immediately, wherever you are, if somebody has or has tried too, gain access to your home. Modern security systems can also be used to instantly alert the police of a break in, so help will be on the way as soon as an incident occurs.

Add Cameras to the Exterior of Your Property

An extremely worthwhile addition to any home security system, security cameras are one of the best deterrents to intruders. Knowing there is a chance that you could be identified, whether a break in is successful or not, is enough to put a large number of intruders off even an attempt at breaking in. For apartments, security cameras can be placed on doors or inside a home, while for houses they should be placed around the exterior of a property, including the back.

Get Security Lighting for the Front and Back of Your Home

As visibility is one of the best forms of home security, sense lightning can be a major factor in keeping your home safe. Sense lightning is designed to light up an area when anyone gets close, immediately making any movement near a property visible. While not majorly beneficial to apartments, for detached properties, this could mean the difference between an intruder gaining access or not.

There are many factors that could influence your decision about going out of town, but the security of your home shouldn’t have to be one of them. With prior prevention methods and an investment in the best home security measures on the market, it doesn’t take much to make a home an unappealing target, whether you are away or not. All homes deserve to feel safe and be safe, something that today’s security systems really help to ensure.

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