All businesses should place particular emphasis on safety and security. However, some industries have more critical security needs than others for legal, financial, personal, or sensitivity reasons. Protecting vulnerable and sensitive industry-types is here Alarm-One really shines. We have solutions for many Chicagoland industries, like private housing, schools, colleges, hospitals, churches, industrial buildings, retail stores, warehouses, office buildings and more. Our fire safety and security options are the best in the business and we’re ready to put our systems to work for you.

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Which Security Solutions Are Best for Each Type of Institution?

The security requirements for one institution to the next can be very different. You may need to protect high-value business assets, or you might need to keep certain areas off-limits to unauthorized personnel – or you may need to achieve both!

Due to the significant variations in security needs between different institutions, it’s not always straightforward to determine which systems are worthy of your investment. Alarm-One are here to help you narrow down the many options open to you for advanced security measures, so you get the best solutions for your establishment.

We can help you to determine whether you require alarm locks, keyless entry, deadbolt locks, or any of the large number of security solutions we provide. Our team will also help you to identify problem areas to determine where security upgrades will have the most impact inside or outside your property.

Whether you have an idea in mind of what security upgrades you desire or want professional advice on securing your business or establishment, we’re here to provide the services you need.

Our Essential Security Solutions for Institutions in Chicago

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to security across all institutions. However, there are a number of security solutions that can play an important role in many different types of establishment across Chicago. Whether your main priority is the peace of mind of your residents or you need strict restrictions on access to certain areas, you’ll find solutions that fit the bill at Alarm-One.

Here are five of our most versatile solutions for enhanced security, that many institutions in Chicago can benefit from:

✓ Managed Access

Managed access solutions can be invaluable to institutions like high-rise buildings, schools & colleges, industrial buildings, office buildings, warehouses, and hospitals. The main reason to install access control in a building is to reduce the movement of unauthorized personnel and intruders. This can include restricting the access of employees to certain areas of a building or stopping people on the street from wandering into your building and being able to access sensitive areas.

We provide many access control solutions at Alarm-One, for use everywhere from laboratories and computer rooms to stairwells. Our team can advise you on options for card readers, fingerprint readers, and biometric readers, all with highly advanced features.

✓ Alarm Systems

No building should be without a quality alarm system that’ll alert you of problems the moment they arise. Alarm systems are the perfect security addition to residential properties like high-rise buildings in Chicago, and buildings that contain valuable assets, like offices and retail stores. We provide a comprehensive range of alarm solutions at Alarm-One, that are ideal for virtually any application, from protecting medical facilities to improving security in libraries.

✓ Security Surveillance Systems

A multitude of institutions can benefit from quality security surveillance systems, including churches, warehouses, offices, and retail stores. A security camera system will not only help to prevent vandalism and break-ins, but immediately alert the authorities in the event of criminal activity. With the ability to view past recordings, you’ll also have evidence on hand to speed up investigations. We provide both commercial and residential security surveillance systems, with a large range of models available.

✓ Fire Safety Solutions

For every type of institution, fire safety solutions are essential. At Alarm-One, we have solutions for all your fire safety requirements, including control panels, heat detectors, transmitters, and smoke detectors. We cater to the unique needs of all types of institution, with different solutions that include strobe light, horn, alarm, and bell systems. For added security, our team can also install high-quality fire doors from leading brands.

✓ Monitoring Plans

For peace of mind over the security of every type of institution, commercial alarm monitoring plans can be invaluable. Whether you own a warehouse or are the manager of a retail store, if you want the reassurance that your property is being watched over night and day, then you need monitoring plan services.

There are multiple alarm monitoring plans available at Alarm-One, from our basic plan that includes smoke and fire monitoring, to our premium plan that includes monitoring services for everything from your thermostat to flooding. With our plans, you can easily customize alarm monitoring to fit the needs of your establishment.

To get more information about any of our security services, get in touch with our friendly team of Chicago lock and alarm specialists today.

Tailored Security Systems at Goldy Locks

The security systems required in a college can be very different to those required in a retail store or industrial building. While the five security solutions that we’ve already covered can enhance the security in many institutions, they don’t cover all the security requirements of every establishment. This is why tailored solutions to meet an institution’s unique needs is so important.

At Goldy Locks, we provide many additional security solutions for institutions in Chicago. Our security experts can provide commercial door & frame installation, locksmith services, alarm locks, and home automation, all tailored to the requirements of different institutions.

We can equip your property with preventive measures to deter anyone with criminal intent, provide solutions for property and asset protection, and install systems that keep your employees safe. From visible deterrents and warnings to audible alarms that immediately alert you of problems, you’ll discover an extensive range of solutions for advanced security at Goldy Locks, Inc.

Choose Goldy Locks for Expert Institution Security Solutions in Chicago

At Goldy Locks, we have everything you need for exceptional security. Our security experts are highly experienced, have an in-depth knowledge of commercial and domestic security, and understand the needs of Chicago-based institutions. We combine our knowledge with the installation of quality products sourced from leading brands, to provide our clients with a comprehensive service for security solutions in Chicago.

Every type of institution presents a new security challenge, and we’re more than up to the task of overcoming it! For tailored security solutions to protect your institution in Chicago, get in touch with the Goldy Locks team today.

Our experienced team of service personnel is standing by to answer any questions that you may have. Call us at (708) 633-4750 or visit our free online quote portal today.