Commercial Card Readers

Take control of your business environment. With Goldy Locks advanced microprocessor Access Control Systems – identify and regulate who enters your premises. Card access can also be integrated with our Goldy Locks fire, security, CCTV and building management. Let Goldy Locks Security Systems help watch your doors, even when you can’t.

Commercial Card Reader Systems control access for multiple users, making entry and exit management easier than ever before! It’s effectively used as means to reducing stock room shrinkage, tool bin losses and other back door shortages.

Card readers can revolutionize the way that your business manages security. You can restrict the movement of visitors, employees, and undesirables, all while allowing authorized personnel to gain immediate access to areas with one smooth scan of their card.

Keep reading to discover more about the importance of card readers, how they can improve commercial security, and how Goldy Locks can provide access control solutions for your business. Alternatively, give the Goldy Locks team a call today, and speak to an expert about commercial card readers. 


Why Is Access Control Important?

Access control is a simple but effective security technique that restricts what employees, visitors, and undesirables can and can’t do. Physical access control – like the installation of card readers – limits which rooms and areas individuals can access inside a building. You could limit access to a single room, multiple rooms and areas, or elevators and storerooms. It’s effectively used as means to reducing stock room shrinkage, tool bin losses and other back door shortages.

Not every building requires these kinds of restrictions, but many commercial properties can benefit greatly from the easier traffic management that access control delivers. If you store sensitive information onsite, if you have rooms that need to be off limits to visitors/certain employees, or if you want to control traffic into, out of, and around your premises, then card readers are the perfect cost-effective solution. 

Having such a comprehensive level of control over access is a lasting asset that’ll give you a peace of mind over the continued security of your premises. Even when you’re not on hand to monitor movement personally, with a card reader system, you can make sure that private areas remain private.

The Benefits of Commercial Door Card Readers

Card readers can be a rewarding investment for many different types of institution, commercial building, and industrial property. They are an effective solution for controlling access in:

  • Retail stores
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Storage facilities
  • Medical clinics
  • Apartment buildings

Small businesses and large businesses alike can benefit from the installation of card reader systems. With multiple user access, you can manage an entire workforce – big or small – with absolute ease. You can stop visitors from snooping, keep your storerooms secure, or restrict access to an entire floor – it’s up to you and the unique needs of your business.

Choosing the Right Card Reader System

From simple one-door systems on storerooms, parking garages or cafeterias, to solutions for buildings that require multiple levels of authorized access, there are endless ways to increase the security of your property with card readers. 

Here at Goldy Locks, we can help you to design a system that meets your needs. Our technicians will inspect your building and work with you to increase security with some of the best card readers on the market today. We supply systems from KANTECH, Ilco, and other leading manufacturers that deliver the advanced features you’re looking for. 

Customization doesn’t stop at choosing the right system for your building and security requirements. Card access can also be integrated with our Goldy Locks fire, security, CCTV and building management. Let Goldy Locks Security Systems help watch your doors, even when you can’t.

Commercial Card Reader Installation from Goldy Locks

A card reader system can tackle problems like loitering, give you more control over traffic, and stop people from wandering in from the street and having free rein to explore your building at their leisure – all of these benefits are easy to achieve with expert card reader installation from Goldy Locks.

Once you’ve designed your card reader system – and chosen whether to integrate it with the exceptional security services provided by Goldy Locks – our expert installers can take care of the rest. 

Goldy Locks have been solving the security problems of Chicagoland residents and business owners for more than three decades. Our fast, effective, and professional installation services for commercial security solutions is thorough and dependable. We’ll make sure that your advanced system is installed properly to greatly reduce the risk of security breaches. 

Contact Goldy Locks Today for High-Quality Commercial Card Readers in Chicago

Want evaluation, inspection, installation, monitoring, and repair services that you can count on day-to-day and in an emergency? Goldy Locks are the residential and commercial security experts to call. 

Homeowners and businesses owners in Chicagoland return to Goldy Locks again and again for our dependable service, attention to detail, expertise, and fast turnaround on all installations. We’re nationally recognized by many institutions and only hire skilled and certified technicians. 

For access control and commercial security systems that you can rely on to secure your property, get in touch with us today.

Card Readers

KANTECH IoProxT Proximity Card Readers

With 6 ioProx readers to choose from, you will find one that is the solution for your application! Their attractive, compact and weatherized design makes them suitable for installation in various indoor and outdoor environments.

  • Electronics are vandal and weather resistant
  • Encapsulated in epoxy potting
  • All readers have an integrated piezo buzzer and bicolor LED indicating system/reader status
  • Optional tamper switch and command button modules are available.

KANTECH WEI-R20 & WEI-R30 Wiegand Readers

The Classic Wiegand Swipe Reader is a high impact, vandal and weather resistant reader used in applications throughout the world. It has a bicolor status LED and is immune to external magnetic fields and RF signals.

International Electronics Inc. Prox Pad™

The powerful features of an integrated access control system in the form of a simple-to-install, self-contained unit. By automatically controlling and monitoring access to valuables, it prevents losses

  • Single door applications
  • Offices Laboratories Computer rooms
  • Surface mount, remote reader
  • Glass mount
  • Wiegand option

Kaba Ilco Solitaire Systems

Solitaire® electronic locks provide magnetic card-based security for restricted access points. Scheduling features let you restrict access during specific time periods, holidays or vacations. Simple and secure, Solitaire locks are a perfect solution for stand-alone applications or supplemental security in a facility-wide system.


KANTECH IoProxT Proximity Cards

  • Dual encoded cards, XSF (eXtended Secure Format) and W26 (Standard 26 bit Wiegand)
  • Read range up to 29 inches (73cm) using P600 Long Range reader
  • Long-life passive card for unlimited number of reads
  • 5 models to meet any application
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