Goldy Locks, Inc. provides a wide array of top of the line commercial lock and security services

Clients that benefit from our commercial security services include, but are not limited to: hospitals, schools, libraries, storage facilities, manufacturing plants, warehouses, industrial buildings, medical clinics, office buildings, and government offices.

We have served the commercial and industrial community since 1981 with exceptional security, surveillance and security door services.

Goldy Locks believes in providing only the highest quality security systems and using only the highest quality materials to fabricate a full line of doors, windows and frames to meet the demands of both new and old commercial buildings.  Honeycomb, polystyrene, mineral fiberboard, and polyurethane are all top-rated materials we have found to produce the most effective results while sustaining durable and aesthetic value.

Whether it’s a surveillance camera system, a keyless entry system, a commercial door, steel door, frame, or window, our customers will always receive a custom product crafted from hand-selected materials that are accountable, safe, secure, and fire-resistant. At Goldy Locks, security is not just about selling the right products; it’s about the skill and knowledge that guides us in creating those products.

With more security products than ever to protect commercial real estate, there’s never been a better time to consider new security system, security camera setup, or replacement doors and windows.

Goldy Locks makes it simple to acquire the best products to meet your site and budget requirements, with in-house custom fabrication, fast delivery, and next day installation.  With expertise in security systems, keyless entry systems, commercial doors, steel doors, frames, and windows for various applications, we can accommodate even the most demanding specifications.

No matter what size or scope the commercial project, Goldy Locks is a single source solution for all types of commercial security needs.  Avoid an unnecessary breach of security by taking the right steps today!

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