Pad Locks

Too many keys?

Not a problem… Goldy Locks offers rekeyable padlocks that can be “re-keyed” to match your existing house of office key. Perfect when you have many doors and padlocks to open and you only want to carry ONE key.

Steel Padlocks

Where to use it:

Medium to high security requirement
Great need for flexibility

How it works:

Lock and unlock with a key

Weather Covered Padlocks
  • Steel laminates, bottommost laminate hardened
  • Laminates individually refined for optimum protection from corrosion
  • Rivets in the outer laminates compressed to protect against the rivet heads being knocked off
  • Hardened shackle, double-locked, from 40mm made of special alloy
  • Automatic locking
  • Precision pin cylinder with mushroom counter pins
  • Keyed alike with your house door (optional)
Where to use it: Medium security requirement in severe weather and environmental conditions Ideal for securing to vehicles and boats How it works: Lock and unlock with a key

Disk Style Padlocks


  • Lock body made of solid brass
  • Enclosed lock body with special protective cover in front of the lock mechanism to protect against water and dirt
  • Impact-resistant plastic sheathing
  • Shackle protected by sealed plastic jacket
  • Inside parts made of 100% rustproof materials
  • Drainage grooves to carry off penetrating water
  • Double automatic locking

Where to use it:
High security requirement in severe weather conditions
Need for adaptation to already existing keys

How it works:
Lock and unlock with a key


  • Key variation can be adapted to existing keys / locks by the trade
  • Round shape plus narrow shackle opening makes it difficult to access with heavy-duty tools
  • Combined with ABUS Diskus 140 hasp prevents heavy-duty tools gaining access to the shackle
  • The very highest quality weld
  • Double locking