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Goldy Locks is your Local Medeco Lock dealer in Chicago. Medeco® deadbolts provide strong physical protection and key control to fit your security needs.

Medeco Deadbolt Lock – High Security Systems in Chicago

The locks on your doors are the first line of defense that you have against intruders; they provide physical defense and can deter intruders from even attempting to gain access to your property. When it comes to choosing the locks for your home or business in Chicago, only the best locks will do. Medeco deadbolt security locks go above and beyond your standard locking mechanism. The unique deadbolt locks provide an exceptional degree of physical protection and user-friendliness, so you get a superior level of security for your doors with improved key control.

Medeco High Security Locks in Chicago, IL

  • Double-locking action makes Medeco locks virtually pick proof & lock bumping proof
  • UL 437 high security deadbolt
  • One inch hardened steel bolt to resist sawing
  • Hardened steel inserts provide the utmost resistance to drilling
  • Solid brass collar spins under pressure so a wrench is ineffective
  • Solid brass construction secured with high-tensile steel bolts

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Medeco Maxum Deadbolt vs. What’s On Your Door

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Medeco High Security Locking Systems the Best Choice

All types of deadbolt mechanism could improve your property security, but when it comes to Medeco locks, you know that the quality is going to be exceptional. Medeco are the market leaders in high security locking systems in Chicago; they produce a high-security range of safety and control locks for industrial, commercial, and residential properties.

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Medeco designs their deadbolt locks for the purpose of protecting a property against unauthorized entry. The locks are crafted to be highly resistant and incredibly strong but can also incorporate a number of additional smart features, such as intelligent keys.

Medeco High Security Locking Systems for Property Protection

The design of a deadbolt is very different to the spring bolt locks that you’ll find on many doors. To open a deadbolt lock, you need to rotate the correct key, making a deadbolt superior for resistance against forced entries – instantly making your property less of a target for intruders.

Built from high-quality materials and designed in such a way as to prevent lock bumping and picking, this type of locking mechanism offers improved security in more ways than one. For peace of mind over property security, a Medeco deadbolt lock is a remarkable choice.

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