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New Product Launch: Honeywell Lyric Alarm—Control Your Alarm System From Anywhere!



Personalizing your Chicago home just got a whole lot easier with the highly anticipated release of Honeywell’s Lyric Alarm System. Designed for the modern era in not only looks but the operation, Lyric aims to revolutionize the way you secure your house and family. Making everything mobile and wireless to allow its users to maintain a feeling of comfort and ease wherever their days take them.

Alarm-One is proud to present and offer to you the most advanced home security system for your Chicago home. As we detail Honeywell’s latest system out for you, showcasing its pure beauty and optimal performance.

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Lyric Connects You To Your Home

The Honeywell Lyric Alarm System makes life easier, combining all of its components together seamlessly for your access. Each of the Lyric products is compatible with your smartphone giving you the ability to control your home’s security at home, or on the go.

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A Thermostat That Adapts To You

The Honeywell Lyric Thermostat can be connected through your smartphone’s WIFI—allowing the user to set their desired home temperature from anywhere. This means that on those cold Chicago nights when you are on your way home, you can set your thermostat to just the right temperature before you get home. Allowing you to arrive at a warm and cozy home every single time.

The thermostat not only benefits you through its manual capabilities but automatic settings too. Lyric can sense when your home early or when you are out late, keeping your home at the temperature while saving you thousands of dollars in wasted energy. Lyric’s thermostat adapts to your living habits and provides you with exactly what you and your family need.

Detects Potential Leaks Or Freezes

One of the most advanced and exciting features Lyric has to offer you is its ability to alert you of detected water leaks or frozen pipes. Chicago is famous for its frigid winter months, and features like this could be a true life saver.

The Lyric Water Leak and Freeze Detector notifies you on your smartphone app instantly when a leak has been detected or temperatures in your home drop past a set degree. By utilizing this technology, every Chicago native can rest easy in the coming winter months. Saving in potentially expensive repairs and preserving valuable assets.

Home Security & Control That Comforts

Lyric has been professionally designed to fit the way you live your daily life. With a home security system equipped with a wirelessly connected platform that transforms your home into a safe, smart, and comforting environment.

Sleek in design, Lyric operates with sensors that feature Honeywell Six Two-way Wireless Technology. The latest and most efficient method of electronic communication on the home security market, Lyrics home security system is a cut above the rest.

Adding style and flash to your home while maintaining a shield of protection from outside dangers. Each of the components performs effortlessly individually, but you can unlock the real power of Lyric when each is seamlessly connected.

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An App That Controls & Senses

In the modern era, it is essential that your Chicago home security system is connected to your smartphone device. The Lyric app matches this requirement and then exceeds it with the ability to not only connect to your smartphone—but your smart watch too.

Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, the Lyric app is what allows you to control your system from anywhere. Not only that, the app utilizes your phone’s GPS location services to detect when you are at home, and when you are away. Allowing it to manage your energy savings by engaging your home or away settings.

With Smart Cues, the Lyric app will even alert you when it is time for routine maintenance such as replacing a filter or scheduling a service. You can even set your system to “out of town” mode with a simple tap of your screen.

That is all you have to do!

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Change Your Home Forever

Whether it is time for an upgrade or you are ready for an all new install. You will be changing your home and your life forever with Honeywell’s newest platform.

Alarm-One is excited to announce that we now offer and carry Honeywell’s latest platform and system.

Contact us today to get started and you will forget how you ever lived before this level of convenience and ease!

Please visit us online for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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