Benefits of A Commercial Keyless Entry Solution

Benefits of A Commercial Keyless Entry Solution

commercial keyless entryKeyless entry systems have been around for years, but many business owners are only now seeing how these systems could help them protect their businesses, keep their employees safe, and possibly lower their insurance costs.  Commercial keyless entry chicago business owners trust are installed almost daily.

Keyless entry systems allow a business owner and its employees to use a touchpad and PIN number to lock and unlock a building.  Extra features, such as a card reader or fingerprint scanner can also be added.  Because these systems eliminate the need for physical keys, the chance of someone stealing a key or having one copied is completely eliminated.  As a business owner, you no longer have to worry about a careless employee forgetting his keys.  In the event of a staff change, you don’t have the expense of changing the locks, you just have to change the PIN code for access.  For added security, just delete the old employee’s access from the system.

Employee Security

Keyless entry systems are also safer for employees.  Because these systems are much harder to break through than traditional locks, your employees won’t have to worry when working late at night or by themselves.  They’ll be safe inside no matter when they’re working.  When it’s time for them to leave, a keyless security system can be set to automatically lock behind them.  That means you don’t have to worry about an employee forgetting to lock all the entrances to a building if you’re not there.

Passcode Access

More sophisticated systems can be set up with different PIN codes for each employee, allowing you to know when each worker has arrived and left the building.  Locks can also be installed on internal doors, allowing you to control who enters various offices, labs, and other sensitive areas.  As an added bonus, instilling one of these systems may allow you to qualify for a discount on your insurance policies.

A keyless entry system can save your company money on locksmith fees, provide added security, and allow you to control what goes on in your business even when you’re not there.

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