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Are you concerned about the safety of your home or business in Palos Heights?

If you have ever worried about break-ins, burglaries, or vandalism at your home or place of business, you might gain some peace of mind with the private protection of home security systems from Goldy Locks / Alarm-One. With the help of our highly trained local technicians in Palos Heights, you can find the right solutions for your home and rest assured that you will have 24/7 protection of your property, whether you are there or not. We can also provide a full range of commercial security solutions for your Chicagoland business.

Your Home’s Eyes and Ears

The right security system can ensure that your home is never left unattended. At Alarm-One, we proudly feature security systems from Honeywell Resideo and Honeywell Commercial Security, which can provide you with complete control of your home with a simple touchscreen video interface or a smartphone app. Here’s a closer look at the components you might include with your Honeywell system to serve as the eyes and ears of your home.

  • Security camerasNot only can security cameras deter burglars and vandals, but they can provide you with a look at everything that goes on at your home. That means you can check on the delivery of an important package, see when the kids get home from school, or see when the dog walker arrives each day.
  • Glass break sensorsFirst floor windows can be vulnerable entry points for your home, which is why you might include glass break sensors in your security system. These sensors are incorporated into your burglar alarm so that unwanted intruders are unable to get far into your home before being detected.
  • Infrared motion detectorsInfrared motion detectors add another level of protection to keep you on first alert if someone enters your home when you aren’t there.
  • Keyless entry systemsKeyless entry can allow you to conveniently enter your home with a pin code or the use of your smartphone, which can connect to your locks. You’ll also be able to lock the doors when you are away from home or let in guests.

Total Home Automation

You might take your home security system to another level with total home automation, which can give you control over the lights and climate of your home in addition to the alarm, locks, and security cameras.

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