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Serving Park Ridge Illinois

There are few things more important than your family’s security, which is why Goldy Locks only provides the most advanced technologies in home and business security for the community of Park Ridge. Offering state-of-the-art Honeywell systems, our friendly and professional technicians can allow you to feel safer and more comfortable at home.

We also provide exceptional service for all commercial security needs in Park Ridge.

Why Home Security Is Essential

Not only can a home security system deter burglars and provide you with an immediate emergency response when there is a break-in, but it can integrate all alarms into one convenient control panel. From smoke detectors to glass break sensors, you can have complete control on one screen. With a home security system, you might also see a lower rate for your homeowner’s insurance, since the chances of damage to your property are reduced.

Goldy Locks Your Full Security Solution

What to Look for in a Security Provider

As you shop for home security solutions, you should know they key features to look for in a provider. Below you’ll see some of the most integral components of comprehensive home security for any household.

  • Wireless solutions – Some companies rely on hardwired systems that could be compromised by cutting the phone line for your home. Goldy Locks uses wireless systems with integrated two-way communication to ensure more complete protection in any situation.
  • Local monitoring – Goldy Locks offers the benefit of a local monitoring station, which works around the clock to respond to alarms and provide emergency alerts.
  • Streamlined controls – With the technology of Honeywell, you can expect easy-to-use touchscreen video controls for your security system. If you choose to upgrade to a total home automation system, you can also connect to your home remotely from your smartphone.
  • Automation and keyless entry – Your security system can be a great convenience in your daily routine when you add home automation and keyless entry. With these features, you can program your thermostat, adjust the lights, lock the doors, or respond to an alarm, whether you are at home or away.