Home & Commercial Security Alarm Systems in Schaumburg

Residential & Commercial Security Alarm System Services in Schaumburg IL

Home or business, security alarm systems are one of the most worthwhile investments that you can make. A high-quality alarm system will help to keep your valuables and business assets safe by deterring criminals and notifying you of serious risks to your property, such as gas and fire. Via remote access, it’s easier than ever before to watch over your property whilst at home, on holiday or at work. 

Today’s security systems offer features more advanced than you may imagine. Some systems can provide in-depth information about your electricity use to help you cut down costs and allow you to remotely lock doors and check in on different rooms in your property. Investing in an alarm system will give you the ultimate peace of mind over your property’s security. Here at Goldy Locks, we can help you to choose the best system for your needs. Read on to discover more about upgrading your home and commercial security in Schaumburg today with quality systems and expert installation from the Goldy Locks team.

home & commercial security alarm systems in schaumburg

Residential Security Alarm Systems in Schaumburg

A residential security alarm system is a big investment, but one that can pay off if the worst does happen and there’s a fire or someone tries to break into your home. The financial cost alone of such events can be astronomical, but there’s also a risk that you’ll lose irreplaceable personal items. With modern home alarm systems, like those designed by Resideo, you get more control over your home and the safety of your family. Indoor security cameras are a great security measure to protect against break-ins and theft, but they also allow you to check up on your children and pets when you’re not at home. 

On-Going 24/7 Home Alarm Monitoring Plans in Schaumburg

Tired of worrying about your home when you’re out? The 24/7 alarm monitoring plans from Alarm-One mean that you’ll never have to worry about what’s going on in your home when you’re not around! The three monitoring plans – basic, total security monitoring, and premium protection security monitoring – all include 24-hour active alarm monitoring as standard, as well as fire & smoke monitoring. The advanced plans also include additional monitoring services, like flood detection, low temperature monitoring and remote access. Contact Goldy locks today to learn more about 24/7 alarm monitoring in Schaumburg. 

Resideo Home Security Alarm Systems in Schaumburg

Resideo home security products can turn any home into a smart home with advanced security measures. With Resideo products, you can combine a range of security components to create a security alarm system that’s just right for your home. You can keep an eye on your property around the clock with advanced security cameras, like the C2 WIFI Security Camera that can detect movement and sound, or the Smart Home Security Base Station that not only acts as a camera, but also connects to other sensors and allows you to check in at any time. The sky is the limit for your home security alarm system. With Resideo products, you can keep track of suspicious movement inside and outside, install sensors on your windows and doors, and stay in the loop with advanced smoke, heat and CO detection.


esideo Home Security Systems in Schaumburg IL

Resideo Home Security Alert Systems in Schaumburg

If there’s an emergency in your home, then you want to know immediately. Resideo home security alert systems can ensure that you’re always kept in the loop with alerts that inform you of anything amiss with your property, including fire and carbon monoxide leaks. With a fully connected security system from Resideo, you can arrange for alerts to be sent straight to your phone when something triggers a sensor or your doorbell rings – with a video doorbell from Resideo, you can even see who’s at the door!


Resideo Home Automation-Remote Access Control

Have you ever gone out and accidentally left the door open? Resideo has a range of advanced systems and sensors that’ll allow you to keep tabs on whether your doors and gates are open or shut, and even whether they’re locked. Resideo remote access is a revolutionary investment into home control. Once installed, you’ll be able to access your home security and energy use remotely – you can manage your lights and check up on your pets anytime, anywhere.  


Resideo Home Security Systems Dealer in Schaumburg

Resideo has so many remarkable home security products, that you may be wondering which one is the best to start with. Goldy Locks is on hand to help make sure that your new system is right for your needs and installed properly, so you can start protecting your home immediately.  As a Schaumburg Resideo home security system dealer, we have a wealth of knowledge about the different system components and how they can work together to make your home smarter and more secure.


Honeywell Security Systems in Schaumburg

Honeywell Commercial Alarm Security Systems in Schaumburg

Honeywell has played an integral part in many of the biggest advances in commercial security. The vast range of security solutions provided by Honeywell can enhance multiple aspects of your commercial security, including giving you better visuals with high-quality video surveillance. Honeywell products also provide you with more control over building access and make intruder detection easier. The high-end commercial alarm products available from Honeywell provide an exceptional degree of protection against intrusion, giving you early warning of intruders so you can act quickly to minimize the risk to your property. Products range from control panels and mobile applications to motion sensors and innovative alarm communications. 


Honeywell Commercial Security Systems 

Running a business and maintaining a commercial property is a lot of hard work, especially in regard to the security challenges you face. Video surveillance systems from Honeywell are a reliable investment to help you stay one step ahead of any threats to your property. You have an extensive range of surveillance systems to choose from for your business in Schaumburg, including domes, digital network video recorders and IP cameras.

However, video surveillance is only one element of a comprehensive commercial security system. Honeywell’s security management systems, with revolutionary integrated access control, can further transform your commercial security. By using Honeywell products and the expert installation services from Goldy Locks, it’s simple to equip your business with intruder detection, video surveillance and access control, all with easy integrated management. 


Commercial Alarm Monitoring Plans in Schaumburg

It’s not just homeowners in Schaumburg that can benefit from our 24/7 alarm monitoring plans, businesses can as well. With alarm monitoring, you can sleep easy knowing that your business is being watched closely for signs of intrusion, temperature problems, fire, smoke and much more. The premium protection plan from Alarm-One comes with a TotalConnect camera viewer to give you an even greater assurance that your property and assets are safe, night and day. 


Honeywell Commercial Alarm Installations in Schaumburg

An advanced security alarm system needs professional installation. At Goldy Locks, we’ve had substantial experience installing Honeywell products in all types of residential, commercial and industrial building in Schaumburg and the surrounding areas. Your business security is in safe hands with Goldy Locks. We know modern alarm systems inside and out, allowing us to provide business owners in Schaumburg with a fast and efficient service for Honeywell alarm installations. 


Honeywell Commercial Alarm System Dealer in Schaumburg

Who better to advise you on your latest Honeywell security purchase than a Honeywell commercial alarm system dealer in your local area? We’ve worked closely with Honeywell products for many years, and in that time have gained an in-depth knowledge of how their products work and what the primary benefits are. If need advice on choosing a new security system for your office, store or warehouse, or you need tailored security solutions for a school, hospital or entertainment facility, we’re the best people to call. 


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We know how important security is for the safety of families, employees, property and assets. At Goldy Locks, we take pride in the incredible range of products we supply and how the skills of our technicians have helped many residents and business owners in Schaumburg protect their properties.  To benefit from our years of experience in residential and commercial security and to protect your home with the best Honeywell and Resideo products available today, contact us


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