Security System Solutions for Schools & Universities in Chicago

Top Security System Solutions for Chicagoland-Based Schools & Universities

Universities, schools, and other educational facilities are often threatened by a variety of different security risks. Burglary, assaults, fires, and vandalism are all concerns for security in schools and universities. Goldy Locks – Alarm One security systems provide ideal protection against the security risks that both students and faculty in schools, universities, and colleges face. We know just how important school safety is, and we work every day to keep your educational facility safe around the clock every day of the week.

No one knows better than educators and staff that schools and universities have become more and more vulnerable to crime, vandalism, and violence. Safety concerns need to be addressed for the safety of everyone inside the building. Students and faculty deserve to arrive at their institution and feel completely protected and secure at every moment, with customized security solutions, educational facilities can put the focus where it belongs – on learning—serving many schools and universities of all sizes.

At Goldy Locks – Alarm One we are experts at assessing your school’s vulnerabilities while recommending the most robust and appropriate solutions to secure your facilities and providing comfort to students and faculty.

Chicagoland Security System Products & Services for Educational Learning Institutions
  • Audio & video intrusion
  • Access control
  • Video surveillance
  • Fire & flood detection
  • 24/7 monitoring plans

Maximum Protection Security Expertise for School & University Campuses

Maximum Protection Security Expertise for School & University Campuses 

A Safe School Helps Put the Focus Back on Learning

Many security companies in Chicago specialize in only one type of solution, but at Goldy Locks – Alarm One, we are industry-leading experts in advanced solutions for access control, video surveillance, fire & flood detection, and intrusions.

Learning Institutions – Did You Know?
  • During the 2017–18 school year, 80 percent of public schools recorded that one or more incidents of violence, theft or other crimes had taken place, amounting to 1.4 million incidents.
  • In 2017, about 4 percent of students ages 12–18 reported that they had been afraid of attack or harm at school 6 during the school year.
  • Vandalism costs schools more than $1 billion a year.

*Statistics from National Center of Education Statistics

Across The Board Security Solutions for Educational Institutions & Schools

Security Solutions for Educational Institutions & Schools

Fully Integrated Protection Against Theft, Fire, Vandalism, and Intrusion 

Goldy Locks – Alarm One has provided comprehensive security solutions for commercial buildings, including schools and universities, for nearly 40 years. Today, Goldy Locks – Alarm One is one of the largest providers of security systems in Chicago and the surrounding areas. We are highly trained professionals at evaluating the current status of your school’s vulnerabilities and then recommending the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your facilities.

Implement Video Surveillance Cameras

Safeguarding the well-being and health of all students and staff is the primary concern in schools and universities today. As our children grow up in a changing world, it is essential to provide all of the tools necessary to keep them safe while they learn. Properly installed, top-of-the-line school security cameras ensure security on and around school grounds. Whether a school rarely faces challenges like vandalism or violence or experiences it on a weekly basis, video surveillance cameras are an indispensable aid to identifying and resolving threats the moment they arise.

At Goldy Locks – Alarm One, we boast a wide selection of high-grade video surveillance cameras ideally suited for any size and type of commercial building. Alongside a wide selection of cameras, we have a team of professionals that will come to your building, investigate, and help you choose the ones best suited for your needs. After you have everything you need, a team of technicians will come to your school or university to properly install them and teach you how to get the most out of them. Are you in search of video surveillance cameras for your school or university in Chicago? Look no further than Goldy Locks – Alarm One!

Install Monitored Alarm Systems for Chicago-Based Schools, Universities & Colleges

Monitored Alarm Systems for Chicago-Based Schools, Universities & Colleges

Schools and universities are vulnerable to external and internal threats. Monitored alarm systems track and restrict who comes in and who goes out alongside monitoring every potential threat posed against the building and everyone inside. Only those who are supposed to enter your facility and designated areas within are allowed, reducing the chance of theft or external threats.

Choosing to have your alarm system monitored by Goldy Locks – Alarm One is the absolute best choice that you can make regarding the security of your building. With 24- hour customer support and technicians that monitor your building around the clock, you always have someone ready to respond to any threat that risks the health and safety of those inside the building. With system monitoring systems in Chicago, you will always be able to know that your school, university, or college is protected, no matter where you are.

Utilize Access Control Systems

Access control systems in Chicago give you full control over the movement of students, faculty, staff, and visitors within your facility. Take control and only allow access to those who are supposed to be inside. With an access control system, you will have flexibility in authorizing access to different areas of your building! Alongside a managed access control system, with Goldy Locks – Alarm One, you will also have someone monitoring your system 24 hours a day, keeping records of those with access to your system while generating entry and exit reports.

Eliminate Security Risks & Harmful Threats to Educational Institutions

“School threats are a fast growing problem. They send fear and panic through a community.” – National School Safety and Security Services

Top Chicagoland Security Solutions for Schools & Universities

In an ever-changing world, more and more dangers are threatening children, faculty, and staff, and we need to get ahead of these dangers. With so many threats out there, what is the best way to truly protect our facilities and those within? What should owners of schools and universities do? A worldwide epidemic of threats to schools is breeding fear and frustration for educators, parents, and children. They are taking away from some of the best years of learning and friendships from so many. Whether or not a threat is a hoax or serious, every step needs to be taken to ensure that buildings and everyone inside them are protected.

Goldy Locks security systems for schools, universities, and colleges in Chicago are one of the first lines of defense to protect students and make them feel safe every time they step inside. By trusting in superior products and a team of security professionals, you will always be in the know when a threat of any kind occurs while the proper authorities are always notified within seconds. Don’t allow for your building to be vandalized or your students to be frightened; choose to always be prepared with the best security system in Chicago with Goldy Locks – Alarm One.

Contact Goldy Locks for Top Chicagoland Security Solutions for Schools & Universities

When you are in search of the best security solutions for educational institutions in Chicago, Goldy – Locks is your trusted source for all of your security needs. We have everything from the best products on the market to a team of technicians ready to install and monitor your building at all times. When it comes to the security of your building and everyone inside, do not settle for less. Choose the best security services in Chicago, contact Goldy Locks – Alarm One today!

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