The Importance of Professionally Installed Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

Commercial Video Surveillance Systems in Chicago


Every commercial property manager or owner has a responsibility to keep their premises and any persons on their property safe from harm. It’s possible to install many different types of security measure to increase whole-building security, but one of the most effective measures, that has proven to be invaluable for businesses, is commercial video surveillance in Chicago.

Commercial Video Surveillance Systems in Chicago

A professionally installed Chicago commercial video monitoring system protects your business, employees, and customers or clients, around the clock. Whether you have inventory that needs protecting, want to improve customer-experience, or are looking to safeguard your business in the event of a dispute, video surveillance is immensely important.

If you’re still considering whether to have video surveillance professionally installed on your business premises, here are six reasons why it’s imperative that you do:

Allows for Real-Time Monitoring of Business Premises

Many modern commercial video monitoring services allow you to conduct real-time monitoring of any area of your premises where you have cameras installed. Having visual access to the entirety of your commercial building, straight from your mobile or computer, is incredibly time-efficient and can improve safety throughout a workplace. This is especially the case for companies that handle high-risk goods, as real-time monitoring reduces pressure on physical security measures.

Modern security systems allow you to monitor different sites from one device, which increases communication efficiency between factories, offices, and other commercial properties that require strong communication at all times. With real-time monitoring, you can also boost productivity, as your employees will be aware that you may be monitoring their activity.

Decreases Theft, Trespassing & Defacing of Property

Theft and property defacement can cost businesses a considerable sum in damage repairs, while instances of trespassing can lead to much more serious problems, especially for commercial properties that store or handle dangerous substances. These criminal activities can leave a workplace feeling unsafe, which can damage the morale of a workforce.

Installing security surveillance at strategic points inside and outside of your commercial premises is one of the best ways to limit the risk of these criminal activities occurring in the first place. When installed in the right places, video cameras act as one of the best deterrents against criminal activity from employees, customers, and third-parties.

Provides Evidence in Court Cases & For Insurance Claims

If your property does get damaged, either purposely or due to an accident or natural disaster, then the video footage captured by your video surveillance system is going to be one of the most important pieces of evidence in a court case or insurance claim. In many criminal cases, CCTV footage has been invaluable for identifying the responsible parties behind criminal activity.

Having footage of your business premises can also aid in resolving outside police investigations. With readily-available footage of incidents that have occurred on or around your property, your business can help to make the local community a much safer place.

Resolves Employee & Customer Disputes

Internal disputes between employees or between employees and management can be complicated, costly, and time-consuming to resolve. Disputes with customers and clients can also be a drain on time and resources, hindering business growth and employee productivity. One of the best ways to reduce the complexity and cost of disputes is to have video surveillance installed.

Surveillance can provide clear footage of any disputes that occur on your business premises, whether they occur between staff or due to customer problems. With footage always on hand, you can resolve disputes quickly, efficiently and fairly, with video proof to back-up your decisions.

Creates a Better Environment for Employees, Customers & Clients

Every employee deserves to work in an environment where they feel safe, and customers and clients are much more likely to be at ease visiting your premises if they feel that the environment is secure at all times. Video monitoring in Chicago helps to ensure that your commercial property is monitored around the clock, making it a safer place to visit and work.

Securing a property with video surveillance will help to prevent cases of harassment, either between employees or customers and employees, and even improve the shopping experience of customers. Many businesses utilize their surveillance to improve their services by getting a better understanding of customer habits. This can create a better environment for customers and help to increase revenue with improved product placement and services.

Saves Your Business Money on Security

Professionally installed commercial security systems in Chicago are an effective way to save money on other security measures, which is a considerable benefit for any business. Video surveillance can reduce the requirement to have a large physical security presence, such as security guards in stores or offices.

Through modern camera installation, you can also monitor your property at night, ensure that restricted access zones are monitored, and store and retrieve footage with ease, further decreasing the costs of securing your property.

As surveillance technology continues to advance, you can now install better systems for a considerably lower initial investment. You’ll have an extensive range of surveillance technology available to you, and with assistance from professional installers, be able to integrate the system into your existing security system for ease of use and reduced expense.

Chicago Commercial Security Systems from Goldy Locks

When you decide to install video surveillance on your commercial premises, you’re deciding to proactively protect your employees, property, and customers from harm. By choosing a professional installation, you’re ensuring that your system is capable of providing the highest quality of surveillance, is easy to integrate into existing systems, and is going to work reliably for many years to come.

At Goldy Locks in Chicago, we’re dedicated to helping commercial property managers and owners install the best security measures for their property, including with the installation of high-tech, modern video surveillance systems. Our systems can be installed throughout your premises to provide comprehensive security that keeps your business safe, improves productivity, and saves you money.


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