Top Reasons to Hire Goldy Locks for Multi-Service Locksmith & Security Service Projects


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Hire Goldy Locks for Multi-Service Locksmith & Security Service Projects

Residential and commercial security service technology has come a long way in recent years. Today, there are many ways to integrate advanced security measures into your home or commercial property for protection, night and day.

A combination of locksmith and security services is the key to advancing your security with state-of-the-art technology measures that can do everything from automating your home to enhancing whole-property protection against intruders.

Established in Chicago for more than 35 years, and with an exceptional reputation for a quality service, Goldy Locks is the best locksmith and security service to hire for multi-service projects. Whether you want to combine residential deadbolt installation with full home automation and surveillance systems, or install security cameras and keyless entry in your commercial property, we have the services you’re looking for, among many others…

Here are the top six reasons to hire Goldy Locks for all your multi-service locksmith & security projects:

Reason One: Protect Your Entire Home or Commercial Property

We provide extensive services at Goldy Locks for both commercial and residential properties, making us the perfect service to choose for all manner of multi-service projects. Our combined locksmith and security services cover everything that you need to keep your property secure, monitored, and safe at all times.

Goldy Locks locksmith services cover essential and emergency lock services that keep your home or commercial locks secure and in excellent condition. We can optimize your residential locks with options for deadbolts, bump proofing, and a selection of residential door hardware, or for commercial properties, we can provide commercial deadbolts, security cameras, and an extensive range of keyless entry options.

Through our security services, you can combine strong locks with alarms and managed access or home automation and package deals with motion detectors, wireless activation, and window sensors.

Our high-tech solutions allow you to stay in control of the safety of your entire property, with monitoring capabilities for everything from your home alarm to the temperature. We make it easy to create the best security system for your home or workplace, as well as providing ongoing support to keep your locks and security system in perfect working order, no matter the size of your property.

Reason Two: Endless Potential with Security Automation

One of the best ways to utilize the multitude of services provided by Goldy Locks, Inc is with the installation of our home automation system by Honeywell. Best in its class and with a remarkable ability to connect the most important features of your home environment together, you’ll be blown away by what can be achieved with the latest in home security and protection technology at your fingertips.

When you hire Goldy Locks for your locksmith and security project, we can give you a full run-through of how the system works. Once installed, you’ll be able to control everything from the thermostat and lights in your home, to the position of your security cameras for optimum protection. For commercial properties, the ability to set up different scenes and dictate when the doors close, the shades come down, and when the fans come on, at any time of the day, can be an invaluable security asset.

Reason Three: Top Brands & Quality Materials for Your Whole Property

Whether you have a large locksmith and security project spanning multiple commercial properties, or are looking for additional protection for your home, we have you covered with an exceptional quality of products.

We provide an extensive selection of locking systems and solutions from some of the top brands in the business, such as Honeywell, Medeco, and our security systems division, Alarm One. From our locksmith services to our security solutions, you’ll always get top-quality products from Goldy Locks.

Reason Four: Local Locksmiths Who Understand Your Security

Who better to provide ongoing support for your residential or commercial security systems than the very people who installed them? If you require additional security system components to be installed, or you have a problem with your locks, then we offer a fast, effective service with a team of skilled lock and security experts.

We can take care of lock problems, install new locks, upgrade your security, replace your doors, or integrate new security measures into your existing system. When you consult Goldy Locks before beginning a large security and locksmith project, we’ll make sure that all your security measures are perfectly integrated.

Reason Five: Protect Your Property Around the Clock with Alarm Monitoring

The services that we can provide here at Goldy Locks don’t have to end with the installation of your alarm system. We understand the value of exceptional security, but also that monitoring the system 24/7 is not feasible for everyone.

As the perfect solution for residents and commercial property owners in Chicago who need around-the-clock monitoring, but don’t have the time, we provide a range of alarm monitoring plans. For security projects where you want the best security ongoing, our professional monitoring is the perfect solution for you.

Reason Six: A Trusted Service for the Residents of Chicago

From the locks on your entry door to the fire alarms that protect the inside of your property and the security cameras that protect the outside, trust is an essential factor. You need to trust that the systems work, and that the installation is up to par for faultless property protection.

Our years of experience working in Chicago, outstanding reputation, and amazing reviews means that we’re just the locksmith and security service that you’re looking for. You can count on our team to install security systems and new locks with expertise, and to suggest the best products and solutions to take your security and locksmith projects to a whole new level.

No project is too big or too small for the capable and highly-skilled team of security experts at Goldy Locks. If you want to enhance the security of your home or commercial property with professional locksmith and security services, Goldy Locks is always on hand to help.

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