Touchless Entry: What It Is and Why You Should Consider It

Touchless Door Entry Chicago

Opening and closing doors may seem like an easy task, but no matter where you are, something as simple as that can be made easier. At Goldy Locks, we are introducing touchless door entry for owners looking to make their business or commercial building accessible and innovative.

Now more than every, touchless door entry is on the rise for commercial buildings and businesses. The ease, comfort, and sleekness they provide is indisputable and becoming more and more popular. If you want to make the experience for your employees, customers, and visitors easier during their time in your building, consider touchless door entry with Goldy Locks!

Touchless Entry: What It Is and Why You Should Consider It

The name explains it all. Imagine a building where using your hands to open doorways is not necessary, well that is what touchless entry with Goldy Locks brings to the table. From the wave of a hand, the swift movement of your foot, or the simple motion of your arm, you can ensure that your hands never touch the doors, making opening a door easier and cleaner.

Touchless door entry is the perfect option for buildings and businesses that experience a high amount of traffic. This can include schools, hospitals, large and local businesses, public bathrooms, offices, etc. Considering using touchless entry not only makes opening doors easier, but it makes it safer. Door handles can contain a lot of germs and bacteria that can be easily spread on to the next person that uses it; removing the contact of a hand can ensure the well-being of everyone who opens the door.

Different Types of Touchless Entry

commercial touchless door entry systems

Wave- No Touch Activation

Wave No Touch Activation - Commercial Door EntryNot only does a simple action of waving to open a door eliminate the spread of bacteria by a factor of 100%, but it will also make the lives of your clients and employees easier and faster. Picture carrying a load of packages or products and not being able to reach for your keys, well with wave-no touch activation entry, you can exclude the hassle of dealing with keys and fobs.

The sensors that are installed with wave-no activation entry boast a high-range detection while withstanding high traffic and all types of weather conditions, should they be placed outside of your building.

These sensors will blend perfectly with your building while at the same time providing protection in all entryways where they are installed.

Arm Pulls

Arm Pull - Secured Entry

Arm pulls are another popular hands-free door entry that is stable and durable. These pulls hold a sleek design that blends well with any and all kinds of doors while also being manufactured with the strongest materials in the market. This, in turn, makes opening doors with your forearm easy and accessible.

Foot Pulls

Foot Pulls Entry

Foot pulls offer the same touchless entry as it would with an arm pull, the only difference, it is with your foot. Especially useful when carrying, pushing, or holding objects, these sturdy devices provide ease when opening doors.

Unlike your arms, your feet are almost always covered, whether with a sock or a shoe, so not only does it improve the way you open an entryway, it also is a highly protective option for the health of your clients and staff.

A Difference That Counts

The ease, comfort, and health of your clients, customers, and employees are important to you, so it is important to us. These days, businesses across the globe are looking for new ways to protect everyone who enters their building—advancing with their hygiene and safety protocols, looking for new ways to protect the well-being of their clients.

What better way to ensure that need than a touchless entry? These devices are easy to use, reliable, and provide a safeguard like no other door entry on the market. No matter what building or business you have, our options are suited to be installed for any and all kinds of entryways!

Why You Should Choose Touchless Entry In Your Commercial Building

 Commercial Building Touchless Entry Systems in Chicago

Technology and Mechanisms That You Can Rely On

When it comes to the ease of opening a door using the wave of a hand, your forearm, or foot, you expect nothing less than 100% efficiency, and that is exactly what you get with Goldy Locks. Whatever touchless entry system you choose, we ensure they are made by the most trustworthy technicians and with the most advanced material. Your doors are one of the most important things in your business/building, so equip them with nothing but the best.

Secure – Touchless Door Entry

A touchless door entry may sound like it is easy to use for your employees, clients, and visitors, but is it secure? The answer is yes! Touchless door entry can be installed on already existing doors and work hand in hand with already installed security systems and locks. Not only are they secured, but they are certified by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). This not only outlines their effectiveness, but it guarantees a product that you can trust in!

Combines Seamlessly With Existing Doors

When business and building owners hear about the possibility of new devices for doorways, it is a common assumption to think that you will need to replace your already existing doors. Well, that fear is non-existent with Goldy Locks Touchless Entry, due to its versatile designs able to be installed on any kind of door and not take away from the look or security of the door.

Choosing Touchless Door Entry With Goldy Locks

Goldy Locks Downers Grove Outside - Front Door - Entrance

These new and innovative devices are on the rise, and because of their recent increase in popularity, many businesses and building owners find themselves asking why they should invest in them. At Goldy Locks, our first step is always establishing a connection with our clients, getting to know who they are, and what their business/building is. From there, we will discuss with you all of the different touchless entry systems in detail.

Ultimately the decision is yours, but our staff is trained, highly-experienced, and has an extensive knowledge for these systems. We will assist you and recommend the devices that will work best for you and your business because, at Goldy Locks, we only want to provide the best and most effective techniques for you. We don’t stop there, we also have a team of highly trained installation technicians that will come to your business/building, install the device, and show you exactly how to work it.

Touchless Door Entry: Going The Extra Mile With Goldy Locks

Entrusting in Goldy Locks for touchless door entry is a smart investment for your building and business. It shows your clientele and staff that you are willing to do more to make their experience easier and safer. Now more than ever, it is important to limit the spread of harmful bacteria and provide a simpler solution for areas that experience a high level of traffic every day.

Our number one priority is to provide solutions for our clients in the Chicagoland area, something that no other door and alarm business is doing. If you are interested in making a move to a healthier future for your business, contact our team of door specialists today and explore all of the advantages that touchless entry will provide for your commercial building and business.







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