Serving Wheaton Illinois

Installing an alarm or home automation system requires professional knowledge and skill. Goldy Locks has more than four decades of experience delivering top-quality locksmithing and security services to clients in the Wheaton area. We proudly offer solutions that include integrated home alarms, Honeywell home automation systems, and continuous home monitoring from a local station so you can rest assured that your home and its occupants are always protected.

Goldy Locks Your Full Security Solution


Personalizing Your Security System

Home security systems are not “one size fits all.” At Goldy Locks, our goal is to help you create and install exactly the right home alarm and security system for your Wheaton residence. Whether you want to make your home safer while you are present or away, we will work with you to evaluate the areas of your home and property you want to protect and develop a customized integrated security system that will meet every need. Our home security solutions include options such as

  • Door, window, and glass break sensors
  • Wireless cell-monitored burglar alarms
  • Security cameras
  • Motion detectors
  • Fire and smoke alarms
  • Keyless entry and door access tracking
  • Customized security system control options

Home Automation: Comfort and Safety

Goldy Locks is proud to offer Honeywell home automation products and solutions in Wheaton. Home automation offers two major rewards: greater comfort and improved safety. By using your home automation system to control options such as your lights, locks, security cameras, and thermostats, you can check in on any area of your home and adjust your environmental controls for the perfect at-home experience. When you leave home, you’ll still have the option to monitor your home remotely and make changes such as turning your lights on and off or adjusting your thermostat, which will help you save energy and gives the impression that someone is still at home, reducing your home’s risk for burglary or vandalism. Your home automation system can be tied into your home alarm system as well for the utmost in convenience and control.