CECO Commercial Steel Door Installation in Chicago

Why Steel? The Advantages of CECO Commercial Doors & Frames in Chicagoland

Steel Commercial Doors & Security in Chicago

Steel has been used as a low-weight, high-strength, and durable building material for more than 100 years. Characterized by its incredible resistant to physical and elemental damage, and easily manufactured to fit a range of purposes, steel has become one of the world’s leading materials for security applications.

For security doors for commercial properties, steel is one of the most popular material choices, but is it right for your business? We’re going to be taking a look at some of the main advantages of the steel commercial doors produced by well-known manufacturer, CECO, so you can see why so many commercial property owners have enhanced their commercial security with CECO doors.

Advantage One: CECO are Leading Manufacturers

Trust is an essential part of commercial security; you need to be able to trust that the products you choose to have installed are capable of performing to an exceptional standard. The first advantage of CECO steel doors is that all CECO products come with a guarantee of quality that you can rely on.

CECO is the world’s foremost producer of commercial steel doors and frames. The company utilizes innovative production techniques to produce modern security solutions for institutional, industrial and commercial applications. By choosing this leading manufacturer for your commercial doors, you will benefit from CECO’s 53 years of manufacturing experience.

Advantage Two: CECO Have a Range of Door Types Available

Steel Commercial Door Installation in Chicago - Commercial Security

CECO produces a range of door types, including standard and custom frames, specialty products and fire doors. They have produced a selection of energy efficient solutions, safety doors for schools and electrified doors. This wide range of products means that there’s a CECO steel door and frame for every purpose.

The advantage of being able to fit CECO doors throughout your commercial property is the provision of comprehensive security, that’ll give you a peace of mind over your whole property. With specialist products available, it’s very simple to customize your CECO door choice to fit the requirements of your business.

Advantage Three: Steel Doors are Easy to Maintain

Maintenance can be a drain on resources, despite the necessity of keeping every element of your security system in excellent condition. By choosing steel for your commercial property, you reduce maintenance requirements significantly, and gain the assurance that your door choice won’t fail when put to the test.

The hollow metal doors produced by CECO are very unlikely to dent and are not prone to cracking. Compared to alternative door types, such as aluminum and wood, a CECO steel door is also relatively inexpensive to repair.

Advantage Four: Steel Offers Enhanced Security

The properties of steel, particularly the strength and durability of the material, make it a natural choice for security situations. The material has been well utilized by CECO to produce a range of doors that are ideal for all occasions where security is a top priority.

CECO doors are very sturdy and highly resistant to vandalism; they can withstand abuse and are not prone to failure after long-term and heavy usage. For added security, the hardware for a CECO steel door can also be concealed within the door.

Advantage Five: Steel Doors are Energy Efficient

CECO doors are designed to be advantageous in more ways that just high security and durability. The doors have been constructed with enhanced energy efficiency in mind. By having a high thermal performance door installed, energy consumption can be lower, carbon footprint can be reduced, and money can be saved.

There are a range of options for a thermally efficient door core with CECO steel commercial products, including the honeycomb core, insulated polyurethane foam core, and the insulated polystyrene foam core. The polyurethane door core has the highest thermal performance, which is superior to wood and aluminum alternative doors.

Advantage Six: CECO Doors Provide Increased Sound Resistance

Choosing CECO interior or exterior doors comes with the added advantage of improved sound security. The steel doors insulate against exterior sound and prevent interior sound from transferring.

Compared to many other door varieties for commercial applications, CECO steel doors excel in sound resistance. The doors are designed and constructed to resistant sound transfer and have a good Sound Transmission Class rating which exceeds the rating of wooden doors and fiberglass doors.

Advantage Seven: Steel is a Highly Resistant Material

Commercial Steel Door Company in chicago

For commercial doors, extensive security measures are very important. With a CECO commercial steel door and frame, there are many additional benefits that surround excellent resistance. The doors can protect your commercial property in the event of a wide range of problems and the general wear and tear of usage over time.

CECO steel doors are quite resistant corrosion, have a high resistance to hurricanes, and are resistant to tornadoes. Due to the strength of the material, CECO doors are also resistant to general damage.

Advantage Eight: Commercial Steel Doors are Long-Lasting

Commercial doors are a big investment, especially when you choose a high security option that’s designed to provide comprehensive protection. With CECO steel doors and frames, the investment is designed to have a long-term return, with the doors capable of securing your commercial property for many decades.

Quality CECO steel doors are expected to last upwards of three decades, without losing their strength or durability. The doors are often simple to repair without having to remove the doors from site for specialist repairs and can be expected to remain sturdy during their lifespan.

Advantage Nine: CECO Products are Beautifully Designed

Steel doors are strong and durable, but unlike some alternatives, there are options to customize the aesthetics of the doors to better fit different commercial properties. CECO doors are available in an embossed finish, for elegance; a ColorStyle finish, for a perfect match with any color scheme; and a glazed finish, for a unique design that’s perfect for all workplaces.

The seamless design and seek finish of the doors can also be enhanced with a range of additional features for improved security or function, such as kickplates and alarms. With great customization options, it’s easy to combine beautiful aesthetics with a high strength in a CECO door.

Advantage Ten: CECO Doors are Suitable for a Range of Applications

The high variance of CECO steel door and frame designs, combined with the extensive range of specialty doors, means that CECO doors are fit for an wide assortment of applications. CECO doors are specifically designed for institutional, industrial, and commercial applications, which makes them ideal for most situations.

You can have CECO doors installed in offices, plants, laboratories, schools, stores, and health care facilities, to name just a few of the main applications of the range of CECO doors.

Goldy Locks Installs CECO Steel Commercial Doors in Chicagoland

It couldn’t be easier to improve your commercial security in Chicago with a premium CECO steel door and frame. At Goldy Locks, we supply an extensive range of residential and commercial door types, including high-quality, high-security steel doors from CECO.

If you would like to take your business security to the next level with a quality steel door and a range of additional security hardware, then Goldy Locks are the service to call in the Chicagoland area.



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