Serving Willowbrook Illinois

Whether you have recently suffered a home break-in or you are simply looking to protect your property from burglaries, a home security system can offer unbeatable peace-of-mind by deterring potential burglars and ensuring a rapid response from emergency officials when someone does enter your property. As you seek security solutions for your home or business in Willowbrook, you will want to contact Goldy Locks for a free estimate and an honest assessment of your security needs.

Goldy Locks Your Full Security Solution

Modern Security Solutions

At Goldy Locks, we offer systems from Honeywell, which is an industry leader in home and commercial security systems. With our security systems, you might incorporate the following features to keep your property protected.

  • Residential and commercial alarms – A home alarm can be an asset for your home with infrared motion detectors, glass break sensors, and door alarms to ensure that unwanted visitors are identified quickly as emergency responders are contacted. On your commercial property, an alarm system can offer after-hours protection to prevent vandalism and theft. In addition to a burglar alarm, you might install a new smoke detector to integrate into a single control panel.
  • Keyless entry systems – You can eliminate the fuss of fumbling with your keys when you get home by installing a keyless entry system that will let you keep your home secure. Commercial keyless entry systems are also available to help you monitor when employees arrive at work and remove or add access as needed with a moment’s notice.
  • Total home automation – In addition to automated keyless entry systems, you might automate your whole home with controls for your lights, alarm system, and thermostat from a touchscreen video panel or your smartphone.

Reasons to Choose Goldy Locks

With Goldy Locks, you can rest assured that your wireless alarm system will be controlled from a local monitoring station where support is available around the clock with 2-way communication built into your system. Our professional team will help you find just the right system to fit into any budget, and we will offer free estimates to let you explore all of your options for home or commercial security.